• Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.95/mo.

About the app

  • Make your product catalog fully search engine friendly
  • Immediate feedback with specific product-level suggestions
  • More free search engine traffic. Reduced advertising costs

"The product ranges of 95% of researched web shops are not search engine optimised. With ReloadSEO, you will overtake your competitors in terms of Google findability"

Why ReloadSEO?

With ReloadSEO, you will overtake all your competitors when it comes to Google findability. ReloadSEO gives you specific product-level feedback on your product texts. We indicate exactly where you can insert extra keywords. With ReloadSEO, you can make your product range 100% SEO-proof for better findability, increased visitors and more customers (and reduced advertising costs)!

How does it work?

ReloadSEO provides immediate feedback on your product texts using a link to the ReloadSEO system. On the basis of all known SEO rules, your texts are automatically checked in real-time by our algorithm. This means that a percentage per product precisely indicates how SEO-proof your products are.

Extra advantages of ReloadSEO

  • Product texts that have been SEO optimised also achieve a higher Keyword Quality Score in Google AdWords. And this means that the costs per click (CPC) are lower.
  • Higher search engine rankings mean that you are less dependent on advertising.
  • Higher sales thanks to more traffic from search engines.
  • Higher SEO rankings can benefit you for many years.
  • Another Google algorithm update? ReloadSEO will show you exactly what to do to make your product range 100% SEO-proof again.

About us as a partner

We are 3 online entrepreneurs from Groningen with over 20 years experience in e-commerce and SEO. We are delighted to bring ReloadSEO to the BigCommerce platform. To date, has analysed the search engine friendliness of over 10 million products.

Pricing plans:

Based on the amount of products:

  • Micro (up to 250 products) = $9.95
  • Starter (up to 1000 products) = $14.95
  • Medium (up to 5.000 products) = $19.95
  • Large (up to 10.000 products) = $24.95
  • Extra large (up to 50.000 products) = $49.95


  • Starter (up to 150.000 products) = $99.95
  • Medium (up to 300.000 products) = $149.95
  • Large (up to 600.000 products) = $199.95
  • Unlimited = $249.95


We love getting feedback! Please contact us at with your requirements and questions.

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $9.95/mo.


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