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Most Bigcommerce stores load the largest carousel slider image on even the smallest screens. While those nice images work great on a desktop, the filesize is much too large for mobile devices.Responslider writes the slider code using special HTML5 formatting that allows users to make use of just the right image for any device. This allows for maximum quality with minimum filesize.

Key features of Responslider include:

  1. Improved Page Speed - see dramatic increases in mobile page speed & performance
  2. Images that Match Different Devices - target different devices and screen sizes simply by uploading a size specific image
  3. No Coding Required - you don't have to be an HTML guru to install. In fact you don't have to know any HTML at all. Follow a couple quick steps and you are set.
  4. Retina Optimized - offer higher resolution images to users on devices that have a higher pixel density such as those on the latest smart phones and tablets.
  5. Save Time - easy, developer-free updates so anyone on your team can update your homepage.

Responslider is setup in 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload your slides
  2. Perform a quick, one-time setup
  3. Publish your new device-optimized slides with one click

Still not convinced? You can install the app for free and upload your slides. When you're convinced and ready to make it live, simply subscribe to one of our low cost plans.

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