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Sell more on shopping engines RetailTower provides seamless integration between your store and shopping comparison engines. We automate shopping feed submission to the popular shopping engines such as Google, Amazon, Bing, TheFind etc. Selling on these popular channels will increase your store's online reach and help drive sales. Optimize you shopping data feeds for all shopping engines.

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Automate your datafeeds RetailTower automates datafeeds processes and allows you to focus on your online store. We also work closely with you to make sure you get the maximum gains from listing on every comparison engine and marketplace.

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Client Reviews (7)

Retail Tower 4 months ago by
Only use this app if you are comfortable with having your shop managed from Ghana and if you a comfortable with a company in Ghana having your credit card info. I am personally not comfortable with a foreign company having my credit card info and i would have not installed this app nor paid for the set up if i knew where they were based out of because of security concerns. Big Commerce did not disclose that this company is based in Ghana. Also, Big Commerce will not help you get your money back for erroneous charges from this app. This app charged me $200 to set up the channels i requested, but it didn't happen. Then the app developers wanted to screen share (NOT SECURE FYI). Then when i complained to BC that I didn't know that this app was operated from and and based in Ghana, BC blamed me for not doing my "due diligence" in researching the app company. Do you know why i didn't look it up? Because I trusted Big Commerce. So, basically, its my fault because i trusted Big Commerce. Terrible app, terrible customer service on both the app and on Big Commerce in this instance. My trust in Big Commerce has been significantly eroded.
Great App 12 months ago by
This app is a great time saver. Am new to selling online and after so much frustration and waste of time with other apps, RetailTower was recommended by a friend who also uses it and i must confess i have NOT been disappointed. Their support team patiently explained all i needed to be up and running on Google and Amazon. Bella from support was on top of her game and she answered all my questions. All my products have been approved on Google and now listing on Amazon. I look forward to my first sale. This is greatly recommended.
Double charged me every month. about 1 year ago by
This company charged me double every month. And there was no obvious option to cancel or unsubscribe.
useless, they will cost you revenue about 1 year ago by D Viljoen
Completely useless, i owned the first pages of google shopping. After loading the retial tower feed i was nowhere.lost $1000's of revenue it 3 days already. This is actually bigcommerce;s fault, they've known for months google is changing the feed specs and they did nothing. Guy charges me $60 to set it up, took the idiot 5 minutes, and its a complete mess. STAY AWAY!! Im going to try the other feed apps, see how it goes.
Works perfectly! about 1 year ago by
Received a warning from Google that our feed was sending incorrect prices on products that have multiple variations. Called BigCommerce, they said it was a known issue and referred me to Retail Tower. I paid for Retail Tower to set up the feed and after about a week or so, all issues were taken care of and the feed is perfect now. Google called and advised us that we were not going to be delisted. Well worth the money spent on having the feed set up and administered correctly. Support was excellent and I was well taken care of.
DO NOT INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE IT IS BASIC, UNFIT FOR PURPOSE AND WILL LOSE YOU SALES. It does not pick the correct data fields for products with options and therefore if you have product with different prices it only returns one for all sizes. The same with the image. There is no facility to sanity check before the API links to amazon. Creates listings on amazon with the HTML in the descriptions. Creates more listings that are incomplete than complete. Only listed 60 of my 900 products!
Loaded Yesterday Had My First Sale From Google Shopping This AM over 3 years ago by Darren Heaysman

I'm no Techy but this software is really easy to use  Just categorise your product to goggle merchant centre follow the easy step video to upload and BOOSH its done very impressed with it.  I have been looking for a product like this and now if found it  Thank you Very Much