Retargeting by Yahoo

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Only 2% of your visitors will end up buying on their first visit to your online store. Recover the other 98% with our Retargeting app. Reach lost prospects who have left your site and recover lost sales with retargeting display ads.


Turn your lost prospects into sales

Reach lost prospects who have left your web site in order to attract them back and convert them into buyers. When visitors leave your site and browse the Internet, your ads will display on other sites they visit.

Built for ecommerce

As the first retargeting solution custom-built for ecommerce, we boast a seamless onboarding experience. Deep integration means that you'll be set up in just a few clicks.

Professional, personalized ads in minutes

We automatically build professional and dynamic ads for your campaign, using your logo and product images. Ads can be set to show your top selling products, or personalized to show your customers the very products they browsed earlier. Or, upload your own custom ads.

Automatic bid and ad management and optimization

Our intelligent algorithms automatically manage and optimize your bids 24/7 so you won't waste a cent. Our technology tracks ad performance over time for you and constantly adjusts your ad placements across multiple ad networks to maximize sales.

Detailed and intuitive reports

Clear, intuitive reporting makes it easy for you to understand the performance of your ad campaigns. We cut out the jargon and make it simple for you. End-to-end conversion tracking means you can see exactly how much additional revenue you've recovered for your ad spend.

Smart recommendations to maximize sales

Get timely recommendations when our intelligent technology determines you have an opportunity to further increase your sales by adjusting your budget. We automatically notify you when we think we think your ad campaigns are ready to move to the next level.

Client Reviews (1)

Not good for my web site by Edward
I tried for 2 months($198) and go 1 sale for $28. I don't think the ads they use are very effective. The ads don't have landing pages, just sends the click to your home page. Have photo of my product but not a landing page link. Didn't work for me. I expect 10 times my advertising cost to equal my sales.