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See your customers like never before. Understand customer loyalty and retention at-a-glance. Know exactly how to target each segment to keep your customers coming back!

>80% of shoppers buy from an online store once, and never again. 

That's 4 out of 5 customers that don't come back! After all your hard work to acquire them in the first place, that's crazy. You need to build a sustainable business, and RetentionGrid will help you do that.

Do you know your one-time buyer rate? How many of your orders come from repeat purchases? Do you know what percent of your customers are loyal? Do you know what customers you're losing? Connect the app to your shop and in minutes you'll see your data like never before.

Would you like to know what our customers are saying? We have an extensive set of case studies that you can find on

Analyzing your customer base has never been so easy. No more complicated graphs, spreadsheets and calculations. RetentionGrid breaks it down into a super-simple color-coded segmentation that you can understand immediately.

And, we even tell you the appropriate targeting strategies for each segment. You'll know where to focus, when and how.

Connect your shop to RetentionGrid now, and you'll get the complete customer loyalty analysis for free.

Client Reviews (10)

No longer works and they are still charging me about 8 days ago by The Vapor Studio
This app doesn't even work and hasn't for months but they're still charging my card. They don't respond to emails.
Not working now 5 months ago by
Alas the app no longer works. Received an email from support stating they are working on a solution, but nothing for more than a month now. No official word from the company so looks like they are are on their way out. Please do not sign up and waste your money.
Is this a scam? 6 months ago by
Purchased the full version. I still can't access the main features. bought and paid for, but the app still tells me that I need to buy the full version. Also, the interface seems to be messed up.
Only one user??? 11 months ago by Laura Bellows
I don't understand why only the owner can use this app. This is only for businesses with one employee, my assistant can't see any of this. Doesn't really help me much.
Is not working 12 months ago by
The features are good. But this didnt work for us. We contacted the customer support, but they didnt help. Installed an uninstalled many times, does not work.
First Campaign Earned us $7000 about 1 year ago by
The RetentionGrid app is great for understanding your customer loyalty situation pretty fast. It identified a big group of "Sleepers" in my business – customers that haven't been back in a while, who also represent a lot of untapped revenue potential. I used RetentionGrid's full-service "Get-It-Done" team to have them create a series of campaigns for me. Several emails will automatically be triggered to target customers when they start exhibiting "Sleeper-behavior." The idea is to catch them and bring them back, when it's relevant to each person. The services are great because the team does almost everything for me (creative, coding, setup), and in our first campaign alone we earned $7,000.
Amazing, I am so impressed! about 1 year ago by Kirstin Kelly
Just downloaded the app and haven't set up any campaigns yet, but in just a few mins I feel like I know more about my customer base and their spending habits - Not to mention how I should be marketing to the individual segments. I feel like I have just had a Eureka moment and am not sure how we have functioned without this. I have very high hopes for this one and am thinking it will easily pay for itself.
Great, EASY to use app with AWEDOME ROI over 3 years ago by

I installed this app 8 weeks ago thinking it was "just another app."  Wrong!  I've got my investment back 36 fold.

love the interface over 3 years ago by

I love the interface, its perhaps the best way to keep in touch with your customers. Great idea and concept and so easy to use!

A must for any BigCommerce Store over 3 years ago by

This app is a must for any BigCommerce Store. To sum it up it is very simple to use & very useful in retaining existing customers & increasing sales. Support is great from the RetentionGrid Team as well. Highly Recommended.