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About the app

Integrate Revolut Gateway with your BigCommerce Store

With the Revolut payment gateway, you can benefit from next-day settlements, low acquiring fees and local currency settlements, so that you can keep focusing on growing your business.

Why Switch to Revolut

Keep more of what you earn with our competitive pricing model.

Card payments are settled into your Revolut Business account the very next day with our 24-hours settlement

Accept payments in 23 currencies straight into your account without any additional fees charged by us

Secure payments for your customers thanks to our security measures in line with PSD2 requirements

Use Revolut Pay for a seamless checkout experience

App Features

Accept card payments at great rates

Get great rates for accepting payments with no commitment. You'll only be charged per transaction, with fees from 1.3%

Quick access to funds with next day settlement

Get paid directly to your Business account with next-day settlement. With no delayed payout schedule, you can access your money seamlessly

Accept payments like a local

Accept payments in up to 21 currencies into dedicated currency accounts. We won't convert your card payments unless you ask us to

Keep everything in one place

Accept, settle and track payments all in the same place. Stay organised and say goodbye to juggling apps and logins

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