Rivet Works

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Rivet Works for BigCommerce gets more shoppers to your website and increases conversions with customer-generated photos, videos and stories, automatically assigned to your product SKUs, and showcased in galleries, product pages and category pages. Content keeps people on-site and lifts conversion up to 121%.

Authentic Media

Seeing is believing for modern shoppers. Rivet delivers detailed customer stories that include photos and videos of your products in action.

Contextual Storytelling

Capture stories across the lifetime of your customer, tied to contextually-relevant data: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Before & After

Only Rivet can capture sequential or progressive visuals that highlight the transformative results of your customers' experience.

Where In The World

Rivet excels at generating location-specific stories that show where your customers are having experiences and adventures with your products.

How They Wore It

What's more compelling than seeing someone like you wear something you're considering buying? We make it happen with automated attribute tagging.


The Rivet Works free plan includes the collection of up to 20 customer submissions containing stories, photos, videos, location data and profile data as well as the ability to share, manage and moderate content. Paid plans add the ability to display content across a gallery page, product pages and category pages, fully integrated into your store with complete tracking and reporting of content interactions and conversion impact. Paid plans start at $49 per month and are based on average monthly order volume.

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