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Rivet Works engages your customers to share photos, videos, and stories about your products. Shoppers that view Rivet Works content convert 220% higher on average than those that do not.

How it Works

1. Collect

Rivet Works sends email invitations to your customers asking them to submit stories about their experiences. These stories are tailored for you and include photos, videos, location, long narrative or short comments, and lots of data.

2. Display

You can moderate and control the stories we deliver to sites, stores, and social media. Our displays automatically show the "right" content, building trust and influencing buy, try, or sign-up decisions.

3. Improve

Your content is organized because we automatically add tags, categories, and locations to people's stories. You'll learn what works and how to use it--like an email notification when a piece of content is ripe for social posting.

Rivet Works Pricing

Sign up and collect your first 20 submissions for free. Paid plans offer features such as shoppable, automated product displays, a performance dashboard, integration with Google product ratings, and much more.

Client Reviews (2)

Great Add On to My Store about 1 month ago by kat...com https://crateinsider.com/
This is the easiest way to add User Generated Content to a store! Rivet Works is fantastic to work with. The team is very responsive and has worked with me to customize this solution to my store. They are also continually improving the app and adding more features. Strongly recommend!
OUTSTANDING 4 months ago by deb...com http://mooreparts.com
Rivet is in a league of its own when it comes to product and customer service. The Rivet platform works seamlessly and their customer service is second to none. Their response time is lightening speed and they are truly interested in making their customers happy. I am so glad I have it enable on my site and consider Rivet to be my most valuable Big Commerce app, hands down. Thanks Rivet! -Debra Shaw, Moore Parts Source owner