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About the app

About Route

Route offers a comprehensive suite of post-purchase solutions for online retailers. With Route, you can reduce support costs, increase revenue, and improve customer lifetime value by optimizing your post-purchase experience through:

  • Immersive package tracking that keeps your brand top-of-mind.
  • Shipping insurance that protects against loss, theft, or damage.
  • Product recommendations that drive additional purchases between checkout and delivery.
  • Carbon neutral shipping on all protected orders.

With these solutions, Route transforms the post-purchase journey from an undervalued afterthought into a loyalty-generating customer experience.

Benefits of Route

With Route, checkout is only the beginning. By adding Route's post-purchase solutions to the customer experience, online merchants:

  • Take control of the brand experience from checkout to delivery.
  • Increase conversion, loyalty, and customer retention.
  • Reduce support costs, claims resolution time, and frustration.
  • Give customers confidence and peace of mind at checkout.
  • Get valuable insights into claims filed by customers.

How Route Works


When Route is installed, Track is implemented automatically. Your store will instantly have the ability to bring package tracking to life with immersive web and mobile experiences for shoppers who use the Route app, even if they didn't purchase protection.

With Track, merchants can customize their unique brand profile and add branded content to shipping notifications (coming soon!). It's a direct path to increase customer engagement, meet modern expectations, and keep shoppers informed as their purchases go from warehouse to doorstep.


Once Route is installed on your store, shoppers will be able to add shipping insurance to protect against loss, theft, and damage right on the checkout page. Should an issue arise, they can quickly file claims through a link sent via email or directly in the Route app. Once a claim is submitted, Route jumps into action. Based on the merchant's preference, Route will either refund the purchase or reorder the same products for the shopper—ultimately creating a second sale for the merchant. Claims are swiftly resolved while merchants save time and retain more revenue.

Carbon neutral shipping is automatically included on every protected order. When your shoppers place an order and protect it through Route, the emissions generated from shipping are automatically calculated and offset. This allows you to empower your shoppers to take climate action every time they buy – at no cost to them – and invest in your sustainability values.


Product recommendations can be turned on in order to generate additional orders – and revenue – for your business. After a shopper makes a purchase, products from your catalog are automatically presented to them every time they track their package via email, the Route app, or web tracking. You can customize which products are recommended, or let Route's sophisticated AI tailor product recommendations to each unique shopper.

Ready to Download? Add Route in Minutes

To add Route to your store, simply click the "GET THIS APP" button. Next, you'll be asked to authorize the connection between your store and Route. This allows us to install the Route widget on your cart page, giving you immediate access to Protect and Track.

Adding Route to your store doesn't require any coding knowledge. In most instances, Route can be up and running in minutes.

If you have any questions, we're more than happy to help! Contact our support team at

App Features

Route offers merchants:
  • Shipping insurance available to customers at checkout to protect their orders against loss, theft, or damage
  • Protection cost averages 1% of order value with a minimum of $0.98
  • 100% carbon neutral shipping on all protected orders, offsetting the emissions generated by any delivery
  • Product recommendations drive additional orders and revenue
  • One-click claim filing for customers
  • Visual package tracking
  • Customer claim tracking
  • Claim reports and insights
  • Customer receives direct reimbursement or replacement item

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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