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Around 85% of visitors leave an online store without buying an item. Among many reasons, lack of trust, engagement, and authenticity prevents new visitors from placing an order. Built from the concept of Social Proof, Sales Pop plugin helps you combat the 85% rate of site abandonment with recent sales notifications.

This plugin runs beautiful recent sales popups to notify visitors of recently bought items. When visitors are aware that many other customers are buying from this brand, they will be more confident in making the first purchases.

This strategy is suitable for all businesses of any size. Especially, it works incredibly for new stores which haven't got many orders and customers yet, by allowing store owners to create "fake" notifications to promote any items as hot sellers.


  • Auto-sync with store's sales data to generate live sales feed of real orders
  • Create "fake" sales notifications to promote any items as hot sellers
  • Many popups design to match with any store's look & feel
  • Many options to control how the notification popups look and display

Sync Notifications:

Automatically sync with store's sales data in real time to generate live sales notifications of recent orders.

Custom Notifications:

Your store is new and you haven't got many orders yet? No worries, let's create custom "fake" sales notifications to promote any items you want as hot sellers.

Show Real Names and Locations of Buyers:

To increase notifications' authenticity, you can show real name and location of the buyer in popup message, like this: "Camelia from Lyon, France has just bought a Keep Calm T-shirt 2 mins ago".

For sync recent sales notifications, these information is taken from customer's order details (name and delivery address). For custom recent sales notifications, you can set up many variables for the plugin to choose randomly when creating notifications.

Popups Link Directly to Product URL:

You can add direct URL link so that if visitors are interested they can click on the recent sales popups to view details in the product page.

Design Notification Popup Themes:

Choose one of the pre-designed themes, customize color mix for all elements, design a unique recent sales popup that matches your store's look & feel.

Schedule Expiration Time, Display Time, Interval Time:

  • Expiration time: choose to display orders within a long or short period of time (counted by days) so that live sales feed do not look too old or new, depending on your need.
  • Display time: set how long to show one notification on the screen (counted by seconds) so that it does not affect the customer experience on the store.
  • Interval time: set up the interval time between 2 notifications (counted by seconds) or choose to randomize, so that the live sales feeds look natural and real to customers.

Responsive on Mobile Devices

Notifications popup are designed to beautifully responsive on both desktop and any mobile devices. You can customize the position of popups on desktop and mobile separately to optimize User eXperience.

Live Demo:

See how Sales Pop works on our demo store here:


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Client Reviews (26)

Great tool about 24 days ago by
Been using it on my sites for quite some time, works great!
Perfect about 29 days ago by Rodney Adams
I had been trying to find this for awhile. Love this APP
Sales Popup about 1 month ago by
The app is great! It is working wonders for my Online Business, something I have wanted and have been looking for a long time, if I had to score it I would give this app an five star, because it does what it says it does. Awesome!
Finally Working about 1 month ago by
Well, after many long hours and days of frustration the app is finally working on my store. I'm going to tell your how to FULLY integrate onto your store so you won't have the same problem as me. When you first download the app there is a bar across the screen that says: WARNING: this app is not integrated with your store. This step is REQUIRED in order to work on your website. There is then directions you can follow and another button to see if the app integrated properly. Now, after following the two SIMPLE steps you need to set up the sales pops (I just selected random and let the app decide which products to showcase). After that, open up your store and a pop up will ask if you want to integrate sales pop. Select YES. The store will update, sales pop will work and that ANNOYING "not integrated-this step is REQUIRED" banner on the app will finally go away. It took me a LONG time to figure out why the app kept telling me that integration had failed. I even involved support, but even after their "help" the app was STILL saying it wasn't integrated. As it turned out it was a fairly easy process, some of the steps had just been left out. It's a good app and I think it's a great idea but their directions need updated and their support definitely could have been more helpful and informed.
i like it about 1 month ago by
What an increase! about 1 month ago by
Amazing increase in sales!
Great App 3 months ago by
Sales Pop Integration 3 months ago by
I Need Some help to customize my products that are presented to the customers and time intervals.
Great Customer Service 4 months ago by
I installed the free Sales Pop app, and was delighted with exceptional customer service, and flawless integration. Highly recommend the Sales Pop app, and any others, if the experience can be equally exceptional.
Easy set up and LOVE it! 4 months ago by
Saw it working on another site and LOVE IT
Highly recommend 4 months ago by
Excellent! Very useful free app to encourage more sales and trust with your customers. I would recommend anyone doing eCommerce
A must have 4 months ago by
Had some difficulties when first installed but everything was resolved quickly. For a free app, it's amazing.
Great app 5 months ago by
This app works perfectly!
Must have 5 months ago by
An excellent selling tool that every website should have. For a free App this has a variety of useful features. It will allow you to change the text in the notifications, colour and locations without having to pay or sign up for upgrades that you might not use.. Very pleased.. Great work from the team at 'Beeketing'.
A very useful app! 5 months ago by
Great App. Very fast and easy to use. Definitely a must have for Bigcommerce
Great customer support 5 months ago by
This app is GREAT! I'm sure that I will boost the sales of my store. The customer support is amazing - I had a small problem with the app and after only 1 minute, the problem was solved! Thank you!
I love this app! 5 months ago by
Thank you Sales Pop I absolutely love this app. It takes the guess work out of a lot that goes on with BigCommerce. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
A Must have app 6 months ago by
This is a great Social Proof App. I recommend every Seller to use it. It's working exactly the way it's supposed to be. Super easy to use. Great support service. Well done guys!
Works really well! 6 months ago by
I have a highly customized site and was doubtful about this, but it worked really well with no problems! Love this company so much - they have lots of helpful free tools
AWESOME APP!!!! 7 months ago by
Love the app!! I'm ready to see increased sales. Thank you!!
Awesome App 7 months ago by
Easy install, great customer service, and we are already seeing increased sales.
So far so good 7 months ago by Assistant.Femme
Just installed the app to our site. Only time will tell. After a few hiccups with installing the code everything seems to be working. Now let's just see how it converts!
Free app yet effective 8 months ago by Ella Lim
awesome app that delivers!
the best APP 9 months ago by
the best APP!!! Exellent !!!
Great App and Great Customer Service 10 months ago by
Nice App seats in the corner as a silent salesmen. Set the timer so it has credibility you want to convey. We have had an issue for a while to get it right, but the staff a Beeketing proved beyond a shadow of doubt, the are the best at what they do.
Great Support 10 months ago by
great support and service.