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About the app

Searchanise is the all-in-one product filter and search solution to improve your store's conversion rate. Our clients report at least a 20% rise in conversion, with some reaching as much as 60%, in just several months – and we are trusted by 14,000+ e-stores, brands like Boeing, Phillips, Levi's, and Sennheiser among those.

Our app offers a smart site search and instant search, a better search results page with the help of advanced filters, and a plethora of other tools to help your business grow, such as product merchandising, labels, and analytics. You can see our key features in action in our demo store: https://searchanise-demo.mybigcommerce.com/

App Features

Smart Search

Our advanced search bar helps your customers from the first letters they type in. Our search features autocomplete, 'Did You Mean?' suggestions in case a typo creeps in and displays previews of products that best fit the query.

It shows relevant search results both across products and categories and other site pages, such as blog posts. Its powerful synonyms functionality, personalized and predictive search suggestions based on search history, and stop-words functionality minimize the chances of a customer running into a 'no results' page. You can also configure the search bar to promote your products.

Product filters

Once your customer get to the search results page, the odds are he'll need to narrow down the options in front of him – if his query is too broad. That's where our smart filters come into play.

We have the usual filtering ready for deployment right out of the box (price, brand, availability, etc.). Still, you can also create an unlimited number of your own – to suit your unique catalog's sorting needs.

Both horizontal and vertical filters are on hand, so you can easily choose to have them on display. Shoppers can also select multiple smart filters at once to find what they are looking for more quickly.

Merchandising mechanisms

As a store owner, you can promote your products in-search, making sure they come top or bottom in live search results, depending on your plans – and this is true for the search results page.

You can also leverage redirects and smart navigation to your advantage, guiding visitors to either specific pages on your website or using them as an opportunity to team up with your business partners.

Finally, with our product labels, you can make your products more prominent in case of a sale or if something is about to run out of stock.

Powerful analytics

We track your users' actions in your store from day one, allowing you to understand what they are looking for, which products are the most popular, etc., and act accordingly by adding products to your stock or promoting them through the menu.

Case Studies

How Pixel Empire improved load speed by 87,5% and increased conversion by 59% with Searchanise
"A new powerful search bar is definitely a game-changer. When I look back at the statistics for the default search results from the holiday season of 2016, I see so many missed opportunities for conversions. The default search bar was terribly slow, didn't have predictive search, or so many other features I have come to expect in a search bar since I installed Searchanise."
How Sport Equipment increased conversion rate by 45% through site search
"Our customers couldn't find products and we lost a lot of sales before we started to use Searchanise. It gave us awesome results!"
​How guys from Active In Style store doubled their revenue through the search
"In June 2016 using the default site search we had a conversion rate of 3.85% from 1116 sessions (site search sessions only). In June 2017 using the site search we had a conversion rate of 5.05% from 1841 sessions (again site search sessions only)."

Customer Reviews

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $19.90/mo.


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