Share a Refund

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Share a Refund is here for businesses of all sizes. Shipping just a few packages a week or several thousand a day, this cost-cutting app will lower your shipping expenses from FedEx, DHL and UPS. The best part, there's no additional work to you or anyone on your team. Simply signup and watch us bring in the savings.

How it works

Share a Refund is like auto-correct for your shipping accounts. Late packages, billing mistakes and overcharges are automatically corrected, and the savings delivered directly back to you.

Take late package as an example: Any package that is delivered 1 minute late is eligible for a full refund from FedEx, DHL and UPS. But finding the late shipments is difficult, and filing refund claims takes time. Save time and money with Share a Refund.

Share a Refund manages all tasks required to reclaim the money you are already spending. We make it easy for you to save money on shipping!

Why choose Share a Refund:

  • Completely Risk-free service
  • No changes to your existing operation
  • No work is required from you
  • Clear and easy reporting
  • Cancel at anytime

Our process

  1. We analyze your invoices from Fedex, DHL and UPS.
  2. We determine which shipments are eligible for refund.
  3. We file refund claims on your behalf.
  4. We track the claims delivered back to your shipping accounts.
  5. We report weekly on all activities related to your shipping accounts.

How we keep the lights on

Share a Refund collects 50% of the savings delivered. There are no upfront fees, and no ongoing fees. We continually analyze your shipping accounts for free, and report on any refunds delivered weekly. This is a performance-based service. To put it simply, if we deliver $20 in savings in a given week, then we invoice and collect payment from a credit card on file for $10, or half of the total savings delivered. If there are no savings delivered, then you pay us nothing.

Why Share a Refund

Share a Refund is engineered to maximize the refund credits delivered to your FedEx, DHL and UPS accounts. The result is more refunds returned back to your shipping accounts faster. With Share a Refund, you'll only split the refund credits on shipments where actions were taken by Share a Refund to secure refund credits for that shipment. Other companies charge service fees on all refunds credited back to a shipping account, even the refunds they didn't secure. Share a Refund is better.

Client Reviews (4)

Requires login through BigCommerce about 1 year ago by
This app requires us to login through the BigCommerce admin user interface to access the account. This was discovered after we called Share a Refund customer service. Important to know, but not an issue since we need to login. The app sends an email each week that details the shipping activity and refund activity which is enough for our reporting needs.
Does what it says about 1 year ago by
Gets us refunds from UPS and splits the total. Nothing else to say really.
Great app about 1 year ago by
Product works fantastically and the customer support was great.
So wonderful over 2 years ago by

This app is a blessing. We didn't even know that we could collect refunds on late shipments until we heard about Share a Refund. Great concept. It's super valuable for our t-shirt business.