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About the app

How it works

Consider Share a Refund like spellcheck for your shipping accounts. Any time a package is delivered late, billed twice, overcharged, lost, or damaged Share a Refund sees the mistake and files a refund claim. FedEx and UPS then review this claim and deliver a refund back to the customer. Once a credit has been delivered, Share a Refund reports on that refund, and collects a service fee based on the amount of the refund. We make it easy for you to save money on shipping!

For carrier agreement negotiations, Share a Refund leverages valuable data and shipment industry proficiency to expertly negotiate UPS, FedEx and DHL contracts for the most successful rates. Share a Refund carrier agreement optimization will either save customers money or guarantee they have the best possible contract. The best part, there's no additional work to you or anyone on your team. Simply signup and watch us bring in the savings.

Why choose Share a Refund:

  • Completely Risk-free service
  • No changes to your existing operation
  • Award-winning app
  • No work is required from you
  • Clear and easy reporting
  • Cancel at anytime

Our process

  1. We analyze your invoices from Fedex, DHL and UPS.
  2. We determine which shipments are eligible for refund.
  3. We file refund claims on your behalf.
  4. We track the claims delivered back to your shipping accounts.
  5. We report weekly on all activities related to your shipping accounts.

How we keep the lights on

Share a Refund introduced carefully crafted pricing-term options to satisfy any company's preferences. Flexible terms make it effortless for any business to use Share a Refund services that extend from shipment auditing to filing lost and damage claims and expertly optimizing carrier agreements. Share a Refund provides the same degree of service for all customers with a hassle-free approach. Refunds and credits secured back to your shipping account by us are tracked and reported on a weekly basis. There are no onboarding costs, monthly service fees or hidden pricing.

Why Share a Refund

Share a Refund demolishes high service fees and brings dynamic automation, virtual transparency and astounding efficiency to the shipment auditing space. Performing a comprehensive audit on individual shipments ensures a maximum refund returned to your business.


Share a Refund is the most powerful, transportation cost management platform ever built with the following benefits for your business.

  • Full transparency. Share a Refund delivers maximum transparency on cost savings reports. A screenshot for every refund secured is viewable inside your account, along with a log of actions taken by Share a Refund to secure savings. Competitors only show a summary of savings by type and reports are delivered as confusing spreadsheets that lack important details.
  • Advanced analytics. Transportation managers often rely on complex and static spreadsheets to visualize transportation cost data. There's a better way. The Share a Refund system utilizes the best big data and business intelligence tools in existence to give you a 360° view of transportation data.
  • Automatic savings. Share a Refund highlights new cost-saving opportunities for your business by benchmarking data and assessing current shipping spend. Automated tools work together to deliver savings back to your business without any additional work on your end. You remain focused on your core business while Share a Refund works in the background.
  • Scalability. Designed for the needs of even the world's largest companies, Share a Refund offers multiple products designed to scale with your business all in one powerful package.

App Features

Lost and Damaged Claim Management

There's no need to file claims yourself. It's boring, tedious and frankly not a good use of your time. When a shipment is lost or damaged, Share a Refund automatically sees the issue and takes the necessary actions to secure a refund for the value of the contents of the shipment.

Save time, secure more refunds and eliminate the hassle of filing claims yourself, with the lost and damaged claims management service by Share a Refund.

Shipment Audit and Recovery

Every day millions of packages are shipped in the United States, and these packages are subject to dozens of surcharges and fees put in place by carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL.

Share a Refund performs a robust audit on each shipment, assessing each individual charge that is billed to a shipment to ensure accuracy. The disputes are handled automatically with the required critical information to return the refund to your business. The resulting refunds are posted to the shipping accounts and applied to shipping invoices in the form of credits. Dollars are delivered back into your business weekly.

Carrier Agreement Optimization

Reviewing your carrier agreement can be similar to staring at a foreign language. You end up guessing at good discounts instead of being confident you have received the best rate.

Carriers tend to slip waivers and fees into your contract that they hope you don't understand, but the Share a Refund experts want to do the translating for you. After the initial proposal, a conversation with your current carrier will be initiated to work toward a finalized agreement that accurately reflects new processes to secure the identified savings.

Share a Refund optimizes your contract for long-term success without you having to invest long hours in the process.

Transportation Analytics and Reporting

Detailed reports give quick, actionable insights. Analyze trends and expense drivers like fuel surcharges, accessorials, zones and weight classes using intuitive reports. Get line-of-sight into your carrier services by reviewing performance metrics. Leveraging data as a powerful, business-growing tool will result in increased revenue.

Carrier Agreement Compliance

Carrier Agreement Compliance evaluates each line item on carrier invoices for rate accuracy. This includes transportation

charges, discounts, incentives, accessorial charges, and more. Mistakes are common and affect 1-2% of all shipments. This

automated process accounts for all parts of a pricing agreement including earned discounts, rate caps, and minimum charge reductions. Share a Refund ensures the carrier is honoring the negotiated rates.

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  • Custom Price:
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