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About the app

SheerID is an identity marketing platform that enables you to acquire new customers by targeting key consumer communities with an exclusive offer and instantly verifying their eligibility to receive it. You can use SheerID to breakthrough to new audiences, and then leverage the verified, zero-party data you collect to re-engage customers and nurture their loyalty.

We designed our app to enable you to:

  • Boost your conversions through a streamlined verification process that occurs during the checkout process and is trusted by hundreds of the world's leading brands.
  • Optimize your campaigns by using built-in reports that provide performance metrics across all promotional channels.
  • Launch a program in less than 30 minutes without any IT support.

SheerID verifies a customer's identity through a strong portfolio of trusted, authoritative data sources that prevent fraud and ensure an offer is truly exclusive, which increases its appeal. You can use SheerID to engage an array of tight-knit groups like students / Gen Z (global), first responders, and the military who frequently share exclusive offers with others in their community, which reduces CAC and increases ROI.

See why hundreds of the world's leading brands use SheerID. Download our free, 30-day trial.

App Features


High-converting CX that keeps customers on your site and verifies them instantly, using 9000 sources.


A turnkey, no-code solution that ensures simple onboarding, creation and publication of your promotions.

Brand match

Automatic brand and design integration to match the look and feel of your store.

Page Builder Integration

Offers multiple no-code publishing options, including a simple Page Builder widget to take all of the hassle out of campaign set-up.

Promotion Engine Integration

Connects to the BigCommerce promotion engine, to help you set up promotions and automatically generate single-use codes.

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  • Custom Price:
    Free trial to start; contact us for pricing


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