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Shipwire is a warehousing and order fulfillment service. Shipiro is a third-party service that takes your order information out of BigCommerce and syncs it to your Shipwire account for fulfillment.

Once your orders ship from Shipwire's warehouses, Shipiro then pulls the tracking information out of Shipwire and syncs it back into BigCommerce. The service has a lot of nice features such as multi-ship, duplicate order detection, detection of non-shippable products, and full technical audit information. Neither BigCommerce nor Shipwire developed Shipiro so we ask that you send your connection related questions to the Shipiro team.


  • Sends BigCommerce orders to Shipwire for fulfillment automatically.
  • Automatically syncs tracking numbers back from Shipwire into BigCommerce.
  • Automatically handles orders with multiple shipping addresses.
  • Automatically detects and merges duplicate orders.
  • Automatically ignores non-shippable products (downloads, pickups, etc).
  • Maintains a full audit history of all orders received from BigCommerce and sent to Shipwire.
  • Shipirio is recommended by Shipwire for BigCommerce integration, and is free to use.
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Client Reviews (2)

BigCommerce + Shipwire works great! by Joe Wang
We've been running on the BigCommerce commerce platform with Shipwire for the past 12 months. Integration between the two system via Shipiro (now OrderDesk) has been superb and we have not experienced any issues so far. This setup help us to get started quickly without much integration problems.
Shiphiro is fine - but Shipwire is terrible! by Joanna
It's been over a month and I still have yet to be able to send out an order using ShipWire. The service staff are extremely disorganized, no one seems to be able to answer my questions and my account has been put on hold without explanation numerous times. Worse yet, I just got another monthly bill ($135/month) despite the fact that they haven't allowed me to ship out a single order. Run away! Seriously! I am currently looking to move my business elsewhere.