Shoptoit Product Ads for eCommerce Retailers

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Product Based Ads for eCommerce Retailers

Designed specifically to drive online sales, Product Ads are contextually relevant listings that are presented to engaged shoppers while they are actively shopping on search engines, directories, shopping sites, and mobile apps.

Feed your Products to the Shoptoit Network

Our Bigcommerce App allows you to automatically create a Shoptoit account, pre-populated with your product data feed. We then categorize, map, and feed your products to our extensive shopping network.

Our cost-per-click model means you only pay when qualified buyers click through to your website - all impressions are free. Our click rate varies based on the price of your product, earning you fair ROAS. See our CPC rate sheet here:

Shoptoit Keyword Ads

With our Keyword Ads integration, keyword ads are created for each product a retailer uploads to Shoptoit.</p>

Designed specifically to reach shoppers while they are searching for products from their web or mobile device, Keyword Ads are a proven way for retailers to expand their customer base. With Shoptoit, retailers can benefit from this program without the need to hire an agency.

We have partnered with industry leading Acquisio to manage and monitor Google, Yahoo and Bing keyword campaigns for our retailers, earning high returns with no management fees or contracts.

Shoptoit + Google Shopping

We have direct integration that allows our merchants to push their products to Google Product Listing Ads. We categorize and target your products automatically, and send a customized data feed to Google Shopping.

Once you've installed our App you will be emailed further instructions for setting up your Google listings through our engine.

Sending your products to Google Shopping is optional.

Completing your account setup

Once we have reviewed your information, you will receive an email containing your login information for your Shoptoit Merchant account. Once you've logged into your account, you will need to complete your account setup by adding funds to your accoun, and verifying your site for Google PLA Inclusion.

About Shoptoit

Since 2005 Shoptoit has worked with more than 2,000 Canadian retailers - large and small, to help them affordably gain new customers - let us help you!

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