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    Starts at $1,000 / month. Please contact sales to request a personailzed demo & quote.

About the app

Skubana is a distributed order management platform powering fulfillment, inventory, and business intelligence for brands looking to achieve multi-channel profitability. Skubana synchronizes data from sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, POS systems and more so merchants can stay focused on providing the best customer experience.

App Features

Sell Direct-to-Everywhere

Seamlessly manage product listings across marketplaces, wholesalers, big-box retailers and your BigCommerce site from a single dashboard. Avoid overselling and marketplace penalties with comprehensive demand forecasting, automated replenishment, and alerts when critical stock is running low. Easily deploy bundles and kits or manipulate stock quantities to increase order volume and create artificial scarcity.

Automate Operational Responsibilities

Eliminate obstacles associated with shipping from multiple locations and instantly determine the most cost-effective fulfillment method for any BigCommerce order. Use Orderbots to execute nearly any task related to orders, inventory, and fulfillment across channels. Quickly automate purchase orders to replenish inventory based on channel velocity, lead times, and other purchasing variables and never risk being out-of-stock again.

Transform Multi-Channel Complexity into Singular Clarity

Leverage multichannel data and insights to forecast future demand, determine profitability and predict inventory shortages. Easily identify opportunities to cut costs and increase profits on a SKU-by-SKU and sales channel basis right from our analytics dashboard. True SKU-level profitability that accounts for all costs, marketplace fees, FIFO and overhead expenses.

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  • Custom Price:
    Starts at $1,000 / month. Please contact sales to request a personailzed demo & quote.


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