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Skubana is the premier e-commerce software service for integrating and managing your inventory and shipping out your orders from Bigcommerce and a variety of other shipping channels.

Skubana supports single products, bundles and kits for managing your listings. Different storage options for your inventory include 3rd Party Logistics Warehouses and Drop Shippers. These are just some of the features Skubana provides that are not available anywhere else, and at a price point that is unheard of.

Skubana is a one-stop turnkey solution for managing the ERP needs for your online storefront.

Client Reviews (3)

They don't show their pricing on their website for a reason... about 1 year ago by
Pricing starts at a minimum of $1000 dollars a month, plus .10% of your sales. There are much cheaper solutions out there that will do what I need. I guess that price is why they don't post pricing on their website.
Best Feature to Price Platform about 1 year ago by
We use Skubana for 4 different sites that we run, 2 on BigCommerce. Previously we used Stitch Labs but were frustrated by the speed and UI issues. To be fair, Skubana is not without faults and there are certain things that are still not implemented (returns, transfer orders, accounting) but every inventory management platform that we tested has some kind of issue, which is usually poor workflow. Skubana excels at Amazon, performance and general intuitive site design. The fact it was made by an ecommerce operator shows, as they put things where it simply should be. So, onboarding is generally quick for end users, but a higher curve for tech implementation. Giving 4 stars instead of 5 because it's not fully mature, but at the price that you pay, it's extremely affordable vs NetSuite or ChannelAdvisor that will run thousands per month.
Inventory/Order Management All-in-One about 1 year ago by
If you're searching for a multi-channel inventory and order management system, Skubana is a great option. Our main issue was trying to tie multiple listing SKU's to 1 master SKU to keep accurate inventory. Skubana has it covered. The best thing about Skubana is that it has top notch customer support. Getting up and running was made much easier due to their great CS/on-boarding team. Skubana will guide you through the on-boarding step by step and properly train you, so that you can maximize their app. Either way, Skubana has a free trial, so give it a shot.