Social Login

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Make Login/Registration Fast and Easier

Customers don't like to create accounts and have to remember a username and password. Social Login is an app that allows you to increase user experience with 1-Click login to your store using social media accounts.

Supported Social Media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instragram
Note: Due to privacy policy, We can't get actual email of customer when they login with Twitter or Instagram account.

Increase Registrations

According to some research, 90% of visitors to your store already have frequently used 3rd party accounts and are used to it too. Did you ever realize how many potential customers you may have missed because you don't have social authentication available at your store? Social Login provides a very simple solution to overcome these limitations, where a customer doesn't need create a new account instead he can login using his social accounts.

Easy Setup

The setup is very easy, just open theme design mode and add a single line of code to your theme.

Internationalization & Custom Text

You can change the default text of UI by setting.


$9 / Month

Try It For Free

You can try it for free for the first 15 days.

Client Reviews (11)

Works Great! 3 months ago by
This app works great, and allows are customers to easily register and login to our site. Thank you!
Not working 8 months ago by
Not working.... Do not waste money for this app.
Horrible service 8 months ago by
The app was fine when it worked, but as someone else mentioned when someone logs in via social media you don't get their actual contact info you get xxx@ming.facebook etc. So not really useful for storing data. When there are any problems you can go WEEKS without getting a resolution, which can be VERY costly. I would discourage anyone from using this.
I followed the instruction and app is not working 10 months ago by
Can you please help us ?? I cannot find customer service # for social login app 714-388-2625
way too expensive over 2 years ago by

This could be a cool little app but paying $9 per month just for a login function is not worth it.

cost alot over 2 years ago by

please reduce the price

good for me over 3 years ago by

working great for me, thank you

If you have customer categories, stay away over 3 years ago by Joe Moore, VP

We installed this and were happy with it until an order came in from a customer.  They had signed in with Facebook.  

We have three categories, retail, wholesale, and international wholesale.  The prices are different on each.  When social login is used, it places the customer into the "no category" segment instead of the default, "retail."  

We can't have our retail customers seeing wholesale prices.  It does not work.

Until fixed, I would give this zero stars.

Works pretty well but has a downside over 3 years ago by

The app is easy to install, easy to use, and works great. With that said, it replaces customer emails with a weird "" instead of pulling their email from their chosen social platforms API. This causes a draw back because we now do not have the customer email, and even more so because our fruad detection software cannot verify the history of these made up email address and marks more orders as fraud than necessary. They need to get rid of this email issue and let me see the customers actual email in order to get 5 stars. 

Great functionality but had to uninstall over 3 years ago by

Loved the Social Login app, sadly I had to uninstall it due to the app popping up on the checkout page nefore the customers gets to enter their details, very confusing if you're not already registered. I now want to end my subscription but there is no way to do this from the dashboard directly. I guess I'll ave to email them.

Perfect over 3 years ago by Terry Myers

So far this is the best working one and hands down easiest to install. I hope it continues like this. Thanks!