SocialShout! - Social Commerce Marketing


SocialShout! gives users points based on how active & connected they are across the social networks and they can then use those points to access discounts, deals & offers from merchants like YOU! When they do, we auto post a SHOUT! (ie: a message that YOU have pre-configured) out to their social graph, thus giving you great Word of Mouth promotion.

We've just created a NEW Social Coupon Tool that can give you guaranteed Word of Mouth on the social networks.

The basic idea is you install our banner on your site and your customers can use it to generate a coupon code to use with their purchase. When they claim their coupon, our system auto-posts your SHOUT!


  • Guaranteed Word of Mouth for you. Discount for your customers. Win-Win!
  • It's as easy as Copy/Paste - literally!