SolidSync - List and Sync Products with eBay

Client Reviews (2)

Introducing SolidSync for eBay! An app designed for the BigCommerce shop merchant ready to create new product listings on eBay easily and in bulk. Quantity, pricing, and product content changes are all synchronized automatically from your store, allowing you to continue working from the same store you're familiar with. Oh, and did we mention a fully built in Order Manager as well?

This application offers a unique category based listing tool. Instead of asking you to spend an overwhelming amount of time listing your products one-at-a-time, SolidSync prepares your products to be listed in groups based on your existing BigCommerce store categories, and provides automated suggestions for the corresponding eBay category. The tough part has been handled so you can focus on generating new revenue, not getting stuck in the weeds.

A full list of features is available below.

New Listings and Content Updates

  • Bulk listing capability
  • Automated eBay category suggestions provided
  • Manage eBay listing options efficiently
  • Keep your product content updated on eBay automatically

Inventory and Price Control

  • Set and forget: Inventory and price updates made in your store are automatically pushed to eBay
  • Option available to manage quantities and pricing directly on eBay

Order Management

  • View eBay orders and order item details
  • Search and find orders
  • Print Picking Lists & Packing Slips
  • Assign custom order statuses
  • Assign tracking information to orders shipped

Shipping (Coming out in future update!)

  • Bulk print shipping labels
  • Scan before you ship
  • Estimate shipping costs
  • Automate tracking information

Client Reviews (2)

Free but limited 2 months ago by
it will easily let you list from Bigcommerce to eBay based on templates setup for each Bigcommerce Category you have. This is a one way listing and does sync inventory. Also doesn't work on products with variants. I think it is just something they put up hoping you will go with their full software version. Can't wait for Bigcommerce to have their own eBay integration here soon!
Seamless Integration !! 3 months ago by
I just started playing with this App, and must I say , this has a very intuitive interface. I could see my store Analyzed and items imported within 5 minutes. Still continuing with it and checking how it would integrate with my Ebay account. But for looks cool!