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About the app

The Spiff 3D Product Configurator plugin allows you to use Spiff3D with BigCommerce.

Spiff allows you to visually personalize products in 3D.

Being able to visualize the finished, personalized product to your customer prior to purchase is a powerful way of reducing pre-purchase risk perceptions and therefore cart abandonment.

Using a 3D model, customers an interact with your products using the mouse (desktop) or fingers (mobile).

Spiff takes 3D product renders to the next level, allowing you to dynamically customise the product in real-time.

App Features

Product Customizer Features

Customer Experience Capabilities

  • Image Uploads – Customers add their own image from their device.
  • Bespoke Fonts – Imagine your logo as a font. Example: Vegemite, Maltesers and Cadbury Chocolate
  • Patchworks - Create backgrounds from an illustration that can be randomized so that no people can have the same design. Eg. Nutella and Diet Coke Mosaic campaign.
  • Materials/Textures - Customers can choose between varying Finishes and Textures to add even more realism thereby increasing conversion rates.
  • Custom Pricing Mode - Set pricing to any variant created within the spiff hub and up sell your customers.
  • Product Configurator - Add and subtract objects from the 3D scene allowing you to configure almost any combination of items.
  • Digital Content - Allow users to upload videos that can be played on your product via a QR Code or Augmented Reality.

Spiff Hub Capabilities

  • Digital Asset Management Repository - Store assets in their respective asset types for ease of use within the platform.
  • WIZIWIG configurable workflow editor (beta) - Take control of your customization experience.
  • Options/Variants - Set Options and Variants with thumbnails and custom pricing for all asset types.
  • Moderation Module for text fields - High volume campaigns become easy giving merchants a scalable option for personalisation whilst protecting your brand.
  • Configurable Order Routing - Automate imposition and route orders to any location(s) based on a set of configurable business rule.
  • Instore Quick Print - in-store to unlimited locations that don't require checkout.
  • Many more features

Case Studies

Coca-Cola uses spiff3d to deliver world famous shareacoke campaign

An example of a larger customer using spiff infrastructure to deliver commercial campaigns. No merchant is too small or too large.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.


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