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Smart Offers from Spring Metrics lets you create targeted real-time incentives for the customers you most want to incentivize. For example, offer a 10 percent discount to repeat visitors who have never purchased from you, or, offer free shipping to customers arriving via organic search. The best part is, because the offers are shown in real time, you can target visitors that have never purchased before—without needing to know their email address!


  • Real-time incentives and offers
  • Differentiate between your customers based on behavior and history
  • Point and click implementation
  • Comes with Spring Metrics Conversion Analytics

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Client Reviews (9)

Great Tool for Conversion Optimization! by ClickXposure
Of all the analytic tools we’ve come across, Spring Metrics by far is one of the easiest to work with. The daily email telling our clients where visitors are coming from has been extremely helpful. When we know where visitors are coming from we are better able to target them right where they are. The conversion-tracking tool allows our clients to accurately track each promotion we run to see what is working best and what’s not. Another great tool we’ve taken advantage of is the Smart Offers. Using Smart Offers, we’ve been able to see a lift in email subscribers, ecommerce conversions and so on. The ability to change the offers based on a variety of criteria such as referral source, location, frequency of visits have been very effective. As a result, our clients have seen more engagement from their referral sources and social media outlets. So far Spring Metrics has proved to be a powerful tool for tracking and optimizing conversions! -Lauren http://clickxposure.com
SpringMetrics is YOUR spring board for online success. by samantha
As a former trader on the stock exchange I have always had a good grasp of numbers and analytics. However, when I began my online business I found that the analytic services out there were to complicated to comprehend and did not give the most pertinent information clearly. I stumbled across SpringMetrics and found a place where I could easily comprehend the analytics plus create and track smart offers. SpringMetrics is like no other service out there. First of all, it is a SERVICE. Their customer relations team is extraordinary. They take the time to walk you through each component of the app and are there to assist you every step of the way. In addition, their site is extremely user friendly and intuitive. What sets SpringMetrics apart from all other services (in a variety of industries) is their ability to constantly reinvent the presentation of their ideas and follow thru monthly with a conference call to update their customers. From a coupon point of view, there is truly nothing better. So many of my customers have LOVED the smart coupon that comes out when they shop. And the best part of it is that the store owner gets to create and target a vast amount of customers via their demographic, how many times they visited, how they got there, etc., etc. In addition to the smart coupons, I have been using the facebook coupon and have found that I have added about 150 more people to my facebook fan page within a month or two of adding them. SpringMetrics is YOUR spring board for online success. You will LOVE it....guaranteed.
Best Conversion Tracking on the Planet! by Kyle Sanders http://www.rapidqueue.com
I had seen Spring Metrics in an AppSumo email but ended up passing it up (mistake) because I thought I had everything figured out. Months later, my partner suggested that we give it a try and we went forward. Immediately I noticed a substantial difference in ease of use and most importantly, how useful their application reports data. Spring Metrics makes everything easier and I don't have to worry about relegating enough time to review my conversion data when I need to make important decisions. In addition to the conversion tracking, their Smart Offers make it incredibly easy to substantially boost conversion rates, almost overnight. Play around with a few offers, test them out, and watch your average order value (and overall conversion rate) increase. Unlike other fly-out and pop-up coupons, these can be customized to match the look and feel of your website, are not invasive, and do not hinder user experience. I run a digital marketing agency and a BigCommerce store and we recommend Spring Metrics to any and all eCommerce clients we consult with. A former business mentor of mine told me that a great business application should provide a 5/1 ROI over a few months. Spring Metrics exceeded that in the first few weeks and continues to impress me, to date. Bottom line: If you're not using Spring Metrics, you're business is missing out on higher conversion rates and leaving revenue on the table.
Increase conversions with ease by Martin http://www.mastergardening.com
Smart coupons have been the single best addition to our website this year. The possibilities for discounts and highly targeted offers are nearly endless. We saw increased conversions from day one. We are able to see individual conversion rates for each offer, so we really know what our customers are responding to, and can give them the offers they want to seal the deal! The Smart Coupons are very easy to set up, just follow the steps and you are ready to start converting visitors into sales or signups. You are able to select from a large number of targeting options, including some really useful ones such as time on site, never converted or starting on specific landing pages. Also, kudos to the support team for their responsiveness to questions and consistent contact with new ideas and suggestions for improvements.
by Phil http://www.americanspice.com
I started using SpringMetrics in the beginning of June. I felt a little incentive during the visit may trigger conversions. We installed the code on Big Commerce (Thank you for making it so easy BigCommerce). SpringMetrics looked overwhelming at first and where to begin was starting to worry me. After clicking the chat now I met Drew who helped me set up my first SmartSocial offer. The set up on an offer was too easy and being able to see it live, like a customer would see was amazing. The thing that surprised me was the amount of Facebook fans we got from a simple promise to be receive exclusive Facebook offers. We have 750 more fans in a month using Smart Social Then I got into the analytics of SpringMetrics the interface was live and had all the data I wanted. If I tried to get this from Google analytics it would have taken hours. I believe a unique visit is what customers want in a ecommerce experience just the way they do when they shop a retail store. I prepare smart offers to look like it was made for that visitor without scaring them away. I narrow down the metric I want to offer and create separate offers for each. Last but not least SpringMetrics customer service ROCKS!
by Wayne Fenstermacher http://atopthetable.com
When we found http://www.SpringMetrics.com a few months ago, I thought it might be nice to give them a try. At a much more affordable rate than their competition, we've been able to use several services they offer – including Smart Offers and Smart Social coupons. There are numerous triggers that you can set – geography, source, keywords used in their search, pages they hit on your site – previous customers, new customers, and many more. The offers simply pop out from the left or right side of the screen when the right conditions are met. It just blows me away what simple changes can mean to the conversion rate, too. With an easy A/B testing that is inherent, you can change a color, change text, etc. - very easily. Then, just sit back and see how your customers react. We found that our customers want the offer to come from the left (not the right side) and they react better when on offer is on an orange background and not a more dramatic red or black – as we first thought. Go figure! But, the numbers don't lie! This alone is a benefit we didn't anticipate. We've received anecdotal feedback from our customers that they liked the \"pop-out\" coupons - and we're able to dial in conversions - especially the Smart Social coupons. We have received 10x the number of Facebook \"Likes\" through SpringMetrics compared to our Social Share offer on our front page. What is great is that you can test everything - keep the stuff that works and eliminate what doesn't. And to top it off, we've been impressed with everyone we've dealt with there and feel like a valued customer for sure. And, did I mention the integration into our BigCommerce storefront took me at least 3 minutes - maybe. Let me know if you have any questions about our experience – and if I can help, I'd be glad to. Wayne
by Robert Hooper http://www.futureproofcoins.com
I highly recommend SpringMetrics (www.springmetrics.com). Since I started using their Smart Offers for my ecommerce site, my mailing list new subscription rate has gone up by nearly 100% and even better my conversion rates have increased by over 50%. SpringMetrics lets me present personalized content (coupons, newsletter sign-ups) triggered by real-time metrics such as how many times a visitor has been to my site or if they have ever converted or how much they have spent in the past, etc. It is easy to setup and maintain your campaigns. Just select the easy to understand criteria (first time visitor, repeat visitor, amount purchased in past, never converted, source, landing pages, etc), design the coupon (text, graphics, color), turn on the Smart Offer and watch the conversion rates go up. You can also target social media such as Facebook and Twitter with Smart Social offers and get more likes and tweets by capturing visitors before they leave your site. Finally, they have great marketing support – you can talk to a marketing consultant at any time and schedule regular teleconferences to discuss your campaigns.
by Tom http://www.windowblindoutlet.com
Spring Metrics Smart Coupons are one of the coolest applications I have come across in a long time. First of all, their analytics is easy to use and understand. You can pinpoint those customers and channels that are converting and those that are not. With Smart Coupons you can target those under performing customers and give them a discount or other offer to convert. Nowhere else can you do both of these things so easily. I've been using it for over three months now. The first coupon I offered was to customers that hit our site from Google. That group's conversion rate went up a full percent. Recently, I have been using the Smart Coupon to drive sign-ups for my newsletter. Our sign-ups doubled from the previous month. I highly recommend this company.
by Window Blind Outlet http://www.windowblindoutlet.com
There are several services out there that offer analytics. I would argue that there are none that are as easy to use and understand as Spring Metrics. Smart Coupons is the icing on the cake. This is the only service available (that I have found) that lets you actually see which customers are converting, which customers are not converting and then lets you do something about it. Target coupons to a specific group like repeat visitors without conversions. Target coupons to general groups like first time visitors. Our experience has been an increased conversion in every single group. Our most successful use of Smart Coupons invited repeat visitors that had never converted to sign up for our newsletter for an immediate (and future) coupon codes. We saw our newsletter subscriptions DOUBLE from the previous month and the conversion rate for that group of visitors go up dramatically. This is a must have service.