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Free from Spring Metrics, Twitter Offers lets you reward your customers for telling the world about your store. With Twitter Offers, you can give your customers coupon codes or other rewards after they have successfully tweeted about your store to their followers.

Rarely do people tweet about your store out of the goodness of their heart — usually they need just a little encouragement or reward. The good news is, that’s exactly what Twitter Offers will do for you and your site!


  • Free!
  • Drive more social traffic to your store
  • Get more Twitter followers (optional – you don’t need to have a Twitter account to use this tool)
  • Incredibly easy to set-up
  • Includes a reporting tool that shows you how many times it was shown, and how many people tweeted on your behalf.

Client Reviews (1)

by Pirduan http://www.tokomendonan.com
I was initially having problem installing the script as I was a newbie in html and web design. Managed to contact their online support (Spring_Drew) who had given a great help and support. Really great technical support!!!! Thanks all.