Spring Metrics

Client Reviews (3)


Spring Metrics shows you which marketing channels deliver buyers and which ones just cost you money - simply, clearly, and in real time. You'll know how to increase sales and grow your business.


  • Real-Time Conversion Dashboard
  • Conversion Analytics and Intelligence
  • Keyword Analytics and Intelligence
  • Point and Click Configuration

Client Reviews (3)

by Phil http://www.americanspice.com
This app is awesome. Very easy to install excellent support. Interface is well planned and easy to navigate. As a trial we have 80+ Facebook fans within a week
by Tom Orr http://www.windowblindoutlet.com
Spring Metrics is one of those few services that can actually make a difference in your business. The software is easy to use, easy to understand and extremely powerful. I log into Spring Metrics daily to see where my customers are coming from, who is buying, which traffic sources are up and which are down. The support at Spring Metrics is amazing. Fast, professional and truly interested in helping their customers get the most out of the service. I'm not one to rave about a company or service but these guys stand out from the crowd. Highly recommended!
by Ruth http://www.loveitloveitloveit.co.uk
Excellent app. It's easy to install, with first class, friendly support. The real-time analytics are presented in a really attractive, easy to digest format, and whilst you could probably pull much the same information out of Google Analytics, Spring is so much more straightforward and collates the information in a more useful way.