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With the Store Finder your customers can easily find your nearest locations or stockists by entering their location and seeing the results in a list and on Google Maps directly on your website. The Store Finder is both simple to manage and includes tons of powerful features.

Easy to Install

Easily add the Store Finder app to your website by copying and pasting a couple lines of code.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

The Store Finder pinpoints your visitors location and automatically finds the nearest store locations for them with the advanced geolocation and GPS feature. The fully responsive design looks great on any sized mobile device, tablet or desktop.

Beautiful UI that Blends in Seamlessly with your Existing Theme

The Store Finder integrates with you existing theme so it blends seamlessly with your website. You also have the capability to add in custom CSS.

Built in Driving Directions

Your customers can click on any store location and immediately get step by step directions from their location without leaving your website.

Other Features

  • Store Categories for Customers to Filter On
  • Includes Built in Google Maps
  • Filter Stores Based on Categories
  • Fully Customize All Text
  • Multi-language Support for Google Maps
  • Autocomplete Search
$9.95 / month
Free trial
10 days

Client Reviews (3)

GigaROCKET is a SCAM 3 months ago by
Watch out, this one looks great, but it is a scam. Tech Savvy Developer here and I could not get it in place on the live site, the preview looks great, but it simply would not load in Big Commerce's live environment. The Company has No Support. I wrote 4 emails, NOTHING. DOES NOT WORK I REPEAT SCAM. (had to leave a star to leave a review, its not even worth that, I wasted 6 hours on this)
Great App about 1 year ago by
Gigarocket Store finder is a quick way to get your stores up and visibile. Customer service is really prompt and proactive. I had a few little user errors and they were so helpful in resolving them. It's simple to use and locates smoothly. It also looks great. I would love a bulk delete button added to the functionality, but not a big deal as the customer service team helped me out immediately. Definitely well priced for what you get.
Unreliable Performance, Poor Support about 1 year ago by TheNaturalGrip
We were moving our distributor locator utility over from a WordPress plugin, over to one for Big Commerce and Store Finder was one that we had planned to evaluate. The initial install went fine and the customization seemed to match up with what we wanted. The claim of adding a few lines of code was true and you can literally have this up and running in only a few minutes. They list the pricing as $9.95 a month. Compared to other options, this seems a little most cost effective until you install the application and see what the $9.95/mo includes and the other options. In all fairness, they should list this as $9.95 - $29.95/mo so customers can see that there are potentially higher costs. After having the store online for one day, the app went down. No error message, no warning, no email, just all of our data gone and the locator on our website non-responsive. From within the app console inside of Big Commerce, I found no easy method of contacting their support, since all of the menu options to access the app went to a broken page. They have no other clear method for contacting support. I even went to the listing within the Big Commerce store to find more information and there is no support link or contact info there either. They have the app author's name on the graphic, so I went to the GigaRocket website only to find a very sparse website with a single email listed. I emailed them notifying them that access to the app was gone and including links/screenshots. As of this review (almost 4 days later) I still have no reply from this company. The store locator is too important for us to have it go down with no explanation or support.