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  • Outsource your t-shirt orders to streetshirts in one click
  • We print and drop-ship to your customers on a white label basis
  • Your orders are marked fulfilled automatically

Outsource your printing to streetshirts

100% White Label

Your orders are dispatched directly to your customers in plain packaging so they don't know we are involved.

State of the art print quality

We only use direct-to-garment printing machines from the most premium brand, designed for demanding industrial use. Your products will be high-street quality.


We offer 2.50 discount per item initially, rising to 4.00 per item for very large volumes. This means shirts from £4.33 + VAT including printing.

The Fastest In Europe

We have large stocks of blank garments, so the vast majority of your orders will be in the post the same day we receive them. This fast service will translate directly into increased sales for your brand.

Print On Demand

We only print once you've sold the item, so no large orders or keeping stock.

UK Based

We print every order from our base in Lincolnshire, so no hassle with import duty, international postage or slow shipping to your customers.

Pay As You Go

Quickly Top-up online, your balance is reduced as you send orders through.

How does it work

  1. Install our plug-in
  2. Create your products using our T-Shirt Design Software.
  3. Click to add the product to BigCommerce (all variants are created for you automatically).
  4. Once you have an order, 'Auto-Send' automatically sends it to streetshirts for fulfillment.
  5. We'll mark the order shipped in BigCommerce and update your customer automatically once the shirt has been dispatched.

Pricing and profit

Prices start from £4.33 + VAT per shirt, and prices depend on volume. The seller service works by offering a percentage discount on the prices in the 'Create & Buy T-Shirts' section of our site.

Most common pricing information in the screenshot and our full price list is displayed within the app.

Economy UK delivery is £1.63 + VAT per order

Standard UK delivery is £2.46 + VAT per order

European delivery is £3.29 + VAT per order

World delivery is £4.96 + VAT per order

You are obviously free to set your own prices to your customers on your own website, blog, channel or in your shop.

Free to install, pay for t-shirts drop-shipped.

Client Reviews (1)

Does not work 6 months ago by
The app does not work, customer support are unable to help, apart from telling me to use WooCommerce, instead of BigCommerce... Terrible.