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Increase your revenue offering subscriptions in your store. Subscrimia provides subscription manage tools for your customers, they just need to select the subscription period and that's all...

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✓ Privilge

✓ Weslap Nutrition

✓ Herbal Face Foods

✓ 6 Day Special

Client Reviews (2)

Incredibly responsive. An absolute pleasure to work with. 2 months ago by
Our experience working with Subscrimia has been absolutely unparalleled. They might as well have a rep right here at the Roastery with us. When we have a question or concern, they respond within hours. When something isn't working for us, they make adjustments until it serves us perfectly. Thank you for being so collaborative! We couldn't be happier.
Review of Subscrimia about 1 year ago by Jason Shrode
This app is great for allowing your customers to subscribe to your products on a weekly or monthly basis and it can be set up with a few clicks. Customer service is A+ and Rob is friendly and helpful and lends whatever time you need to make sure it integrates correctly. I'm so happy with how our orders are coming in now on subscription, we are launching two new brands in the coming weeks and I'm adding Subscrimia to both of those sites as well. It's an excellent app.