Subuno Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

Client Reviews (13)

  • ELIMINATE FRAUD AND CHARGEBACKS. Automatically flag fraudulent orders within BC order admin or be notified via email alerts.
  • INCREASE SALES. Get 100% chargeback protection for borderline domestic or international orders.
  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY. Fully customize how you want fraud checks to be done and review just a small percentage of your orders

Everything you need to protect your store

Subuno is a fraud prevention platform that helps merchants eliminate fraud, increase sales, and improve operational efficiency. Come see why over 1,000 businesses including many of the top brands on BigCommerce have partnered with Subuno to help them fight fraud and chargebacks.

New to fraud prevention? No problem! Work one on one with our fraud detection experts to get setup or use our best practice checks that come included in new accounts.

Top benefits merchants experience

  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks
  • Automate fraud detection and checks
  • Increase sales and order acceptance
  • Reduce order review time
  • Remove customer friction and order delays

What sets Subuno apart

Proven Results. On average, Subuno has helped BC merchants reduce their fraud by 95% or more while increasing sales within days. If you are not completely satisfied with the results within 30 days, we will provide a full refund.

Unparalleled Support. Fraud is a tough problem for both veterans and those new to fraud. Subuno's team of fraud experts can help you get the most out of Subuno and also automate many of the checks you might be doing manually now.

Customization. Subuno offers the most customizable fraud prevention solution on BigCommerce and can be tailored to your specific needs and your existing fraud check processes

Sample Rules and Fraud Checks

  • Allow/Block lists
  • Velocity checks
  • Different ship to
  • IP/device based risk scoring
  • Identity based risk scoring
  • IP geolocation
  • Proxy (spoofed IP) detection
  • Social network search
  • Device tracking
  • Freight forwarding and known fraud shipping addresses (600,000+)
  • Machine learning
  • Reverse phone
  • Name/address/phone validation
  • Cross merchant protection
  • and much more...

Client Reviews (13)

Impressive Fraud Detection App 8 months ago by
The BEST fraud app out there without a doubt! We've been with Subuno for around 2 years now and have never looked back. Their team has provided excellent ongoing customer support as and when we need it. If you want to protect your store from fraud, look no further.
Fantastic support! 8 months ago by
Gotta give this company two thumbs up on the fact that support was fast, friendly and helpful. It's nice to know they're there to help. App works great and is going to be a big money saver.
This App Brings Peace of Mind 10 months ago by
I've used Subuno for more than 3 years on two different platforms, and it has reduced our number of chargebacks to practically zero. Their team is excellent and easy to work with. It's an essential app for our BigCommerce store.
I have used it for more than 2 years, it is excellent! 11 months ago by
When I opened the store I was very concerned about fraud since the category of items I sell are known to be of high risk of fraud. After looking at several alternatives I reached out to Subuno. In the beginning I knew very little about the settings and how to use all the filters Subuno provides. The customer service provided by Subuno was excellent. They were very patient in answering all my questions…several times, and guided me on tweaking the filters until the system was tuned to my store. There is so much information around an order that can clearly indicate the likelihood of an order to be fraud; far beyond the address verification and the 3 digits on the back on the card, and Subuno shines in figuring out all the extra information by using very sophisticated filters in a user friendly and easy way. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but the support team was always there to help me advance. In the meanwhile, they set up a set of filters they thought would work well…and it did. I highly recommend using Subuno to track and prevent fraud. My recommendation is to let them set up a set of filters and go along with it while you try to understand how everything works and start tweaking things yourself. At one point, I was able to not rely at all in the AVS to approve or not an order, lots of orders are rejected because people do not know that their billing address is where the statements are sent, and those orders are not fraud, but if you rely exclusively in AVS and CVV you will automatically reject them. I have approved countless of orders with a negative match in AVS and none has been a fraud. How did I know? Thanks to all the surrounding services of information Subuno gives me on each order. On the other side the Subuno system has been able to trace high fraud probability in orders where the AVS and the CVV were just fine, a phone call in some cases could corroborate the order was not legitimate. So, to conclude, I rely in Subuno, their system gives me a lot confidence. I highly recommend Subuno, their system is top notch and their friendly customer service is always willing to help. I have been using Subuno for more than 2 years and I am very happy with their service.
Best Fraud Prevention 11 months ago by
I love subuno! Their platform is very comprehensive and allows customization for fraud alerts. We have tweaked it to suit our needs perfectly. Their support staff is also VERY responsive and wonderful. Well done Subuno!
Critical to our business 11 months ago by
Subuno is a critical tool to our business, and has easily saved us thousands of dollars by catching fraud orders before they were processed. We have used Subuno for years on more than one e-commerce platform, and our chargeback rate is near zero. We would recommend the platform to anyone, we have always received exceptional service from their team.
Great App! 11 months ago by
Subuno vets orders better than the enterprise solutions and cost a fraction. Bigcommerce should include Subuno as part of the enterprise baked in services rather than the "sifty" one they have now.
Years later it is still great 11 months ago by
We have used Subuno for about 5-6 years and I can't even begin to imagine how much money it has saved us.
Great App & Support 11 months ago by
Subuno works great at catching fraud orders and letting us know which ones we need to take a closer look at. It has saved us thousands of dollars easily over the years we have been using it. Once the rules are setup to work with how your business operates it is very user friendly. It does take some time to get everything "tweaked" but is well worth the effort. Support is always ready to help with setup of the rules and to get you started. Very rarely is there ever a problem, but issues have always been handled very quickly. Subuno is a great app and we could not imagine running our business without it!
The fraud rules engine others aren't about 1 year ago by
We ran into large fraud issues when we first launched. Even after tightening the PayPal/Braintree rules, we were still left with users drop shipping product out of the country and filing chargebacks. When we found Subuno, they worked with use to set up a common set of rules and blocks for known issues (certain zip codes, address indicators, etc.) . The app also gives you the ability to review certain orders without an instant decline. This is a great product and value.
Subuno Review over 3 years ago by

Good enough , needs a fraud rating out of 100 like other apps.

Great app! over 3 years ago by

Saved us lots of money from fraud.

Great Customer Support over 3 years ago by Sam Holbrook

Subuno has offered great support from day one. I have always received a quick response from the same person who allows me to send screenshots and offers real human to human service. Migrating from the legacy api to the app installation couldn't have been easier.  The product itself is a useful tool that will show me the IP and Proxy score automatically, it has many order verification options that are available to you if you choose to trigger them, saving you money for those times that they aren't needed.