SupportBee - Manage Customer Support Emails


SupportBee is the easiest way to manage your customer support emails. Our ticket volume based pricing and collaborative features enable you to deliver fast and personalized customer service over email

  • Clean Interface with Realtime Updates
  • No per agent fees - Add Your Entire Team
  • Integrates with Highrise, Github, Trello & others

Like email but better

With an email like interface and workflow, your team can be up and running in minutes. However, unlike email, SupportBee lets you assign and track tickets and get reports on important metrics. You can also organize your tickets with labels or assign them to groups for faster resolution.

Tickets in SupportBee have only 3 states - Unanswered, Answered & Archived. Spend your time helping customers and not managing ticket states!

Invisible to your customer

We never put any SupportBee branding in emails to your customers. Unlike traditional help desk software, your customers don’t see ugly case IDs, reply above this line or other irrelevant information in the emails.

Insightful reports

Get reports on ticket/reply counts, first response time, average time to archive and other important metrics. Dive deeper by generating reports on every agent, group or label for any metric.

Key Features:

  • Handle multiple email addresses (support@, billing@)
  • Assign to Users or Groups (like Sales, Marketing)
  • Filters for Automation
  • A fully featured REST API & Webhooks for customization
$19 / month
Free trial
14 days