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Automatically calculate and charge excise tax with pinpoint accuracy, every time. Taxman is the only excise tax solution for BigCommerce – if you sell nicotine, alcohol, or any other regulated product, you need this app!

  • Calculates and charges excise tax
  • Set custom rules for geographic restrictions and product tax rate
  • Adds tax to total at checkout as additional line item
  • Keeps you compliant with tax laws
  • Compatible with Stencil and Blueprint BigCommerce themes

Taxman gives you granular flexibility and control that isn't possible with native BigCommerce or its existing tax management systems like Avalara. Our app allows you to define geographic "zones" (based on zip code) and to specify what level of tax should be applied to each product in each individual zone. You define the tax rate by region, city, country or municipality, ensuring that the correct rate is charged for each product and quantity.

Tailor your website to your customers by implementing functionality to improve the user experience:

  • Streamline the checkout process
  • Automate your manual processes
  • Mobile responsive – works on any device
  • Fully supported from BigCommerce experts

Have questions about this app, need something similar but not this exactly, or need another custom solution for your specific needs on BigCommerce? No problem! We would love to answer your questions or create something new.

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$595 upfront & $199 / month

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