The Cart Closer

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The Cart Closer is designed to convert shoppers that abandon the cart before completing a sale. The Cart Closer displays a customizable offer to the shopper as they are exiting the cart to incentivize them to stay and complete a sale. The offer is applied immediately upon acceptance. The shopper gets instant gratification and the store owner does not have to do any follow-up.


  • Increase Conversions
  • Lower Cart Abandonment
  • Control Coupon or Free Gift Offers
  • Pay For Results - No Setup or Monthly Fees
  • Over $10 Million in Saved Revenue and Counting!

Client Reviews (1)

Cart Closer by Sandy Paul
I have successfully added this application to our website. I have received 2 conversions so far with just one offer. You have total control of the ability to create several offers via control panel along with analytic. I can't wait to add other offers and see what higher conversion rates we can receive during the holidays.