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Email automation allows you to send personalized email to the right people, based on their bahaviour e.g., when they didn't get to the payments section or has just registered their account. This and other actions allow you to earn at least 15% more!

How it works?

Tidio Automation is a solution that allows you to send automatic, personalized emails in few minutes using our very intuitive tool. On top of that you can send recurring, personalized offers or follow the results of your marketing actions

What kind of automatic messages can I send after few minutes from installing the app and how is this going to benefit me?

  • Send email when user adds a product to the cart but doesn't proceed to the payments section, conversion grows between 3% and 5%
  • Send email after creating a new account by your visitor, conversion grows 0.5%
  • Send email 7 days after registering with a discount coupon, conversion grows 3%
  • Send email when user has a problem with the payments, conversion grows 2%
  • Send recurring personalized email offers, conversion grows between 1% and 2% with each email

Can I automate only the emails?

No, with our tool you can send messages through live chat, create groups of users (e.g. so you can send email to the whole group) or display offers in certain moments while all of that

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