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Triggmine is the first intelligent email marketing system that helps online retailers grow faster with AI-based email marketing automation.Our solution connects to the online store, tracks each customer behavior and generates individual email sequences. Every store's client receives highly personalized email sequence.

Just imagine - thousands of individual campaigns, including content customization, conditions, incentives.

But the greatest part - is that Triggmine understands the stage of relationships between business and each and every customer. And uses this knowledge to create and send relevant email sequence to lead the person to the next stage of the customer journey - from stranger to the most loyal customer.

With Triggmine you're getting:

- 7 key email marketing campaigns:

•Abandoned Carts

•Browse Abandoned


•Welcome emails


•Best Customer


- Real-time data capture with own technology of behavior analysis and predictions

- Smart time of sending with auto adjust for the best performance

- Intelligent system of personalized email marketing based on the artificial intelligence technology

- Email Automation library crafted specifically for eCommerce with already set up workflows, email templates designed for 11 different industries and subject lines!

- Predictable replenishment by products and categories

Triggmine is the first truly intelligent solution on the market focused on the needs of online retailers.

Client Reviews (8)

Outrstanding! 3 months ago by
Triggmine is the perfect tool for automating the email marketing campaigns. It comes with 7 pre-built email templates that are applicable for around 11 different industries. Along with templates it offers amazing analytics and customer performance stats that help greatly in optimizing the performance of the campaign. The interface offered by this application consists of user friendly drag and drop features that make working with this tool quite fluent.
Its Great! 3 months ago by
Amazing plugin that made me experience the simplest and quickest automation tool I have ever used. With this performance of the email marketing campaign can be tracked easily while also getting acknowledged bout the areas where the overall campaign can be optimized. The pre-built templates further make this tool easy and quick for even beginners. Superb speed and performance. Happy to give a 5 star rating!
Wonderful 3 months ago by
Used this wonderful email marketing automation tool for my store. I made use of it initially for just a test using pre-built template but found it really functional and easy to use. There are amazing ready-to-use templates that you will come across every time you will be creating or choosing a campaign. Those templates can be personalized as per one’s preferences. You can send emails through its native ESP as well as any others like MailChimp. Wonderful product for email automation!
Very Good Application! 3 months ago by
It is a very smart tool that not only automates email marketing campaign but also gives you insight of its overall performance. It can significantly lessen the burden of managing an email campaign manually. It also comes with 7 prebuilt campaign templates that let you create a quick flow of the whole marketing campaign. For now, it is only available for a few CMS however, I would love to see this plugin on all major CMSs.
Triggmine is Cool! 3 months ago by
Triggmine is outstanding tool for automating email campaigns. Only the configuration task is manual, and after that everything is automated. One of the great benefits is that you can track the performance of your email campaign accurately. It will show you thorough Analytics of customer behaviour. You can easily track which customer is opening your email. Also, its performance statistics guide you completely about where you need to improve. Deserves a 5 star!
Recommended! 3 months ago by
If you are looking for a hassle free email marketing campaign automation plugin, Triggmine is exactly what you need. It can make your email task just a fun. The 7 kinds of pre-built campaign templates are perfectly fit for around 11 industries. I have utilized two types of templates one is welcome emails and the other is abandoned cart. With just a few edits I was able to use them easily. Overall great experience!
Amazing Email Tool 3 months ago by
Best tool for those looking for an alternative to complex mailchimp. It's a great plugin that offers easy to use interface with drag and drop features. It also comprises of certain segmentation rules that make automation task much easier. The pre-built templates are amazing for quick and continuous flow of emails. As I was active through mailchimp as well earlier so, I used to send emails through mailchimp ESP. This is a great feature with which I could enjoy very easy email automation system without having to get stuck within the Mailchimp itself. Perfect for both beginners as well as experts!
Interesting Tool - Totally Recommended 3 months ago by
Great email automation tool I have ever used. The thing that makes it quite amazing is it's easy to use interface and functions. it not only helps automate the email campaigns but also provides a thorough summary of the customer activities. The 7 kinds of email campaign templates are amazing and are good to be used in some cases. However, it is better to use manually created email campaigns. lacks integration of CRM, otherwise, it is quite amazing. I totally recommend this product.