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Simplify your multi-channel business and see how easy it is to succeed. Unify allows you to sell products on BigCommerce and other online channels from a single place so you can save time on data entry, see your financials from a holistic perspective, and grow your business the way you like.

Multi-channel Selling - Sync products across channels

  • Sell your products on any marketplace or platform and manage all of them from one user-friendly interface.
  • Create a master inventory list in one store or in QuickBooks, and sync your inventory across channels with one click.

Accounting - Always know where your money is

  • Automatically post all of your sales information directly into QuickBooks as a sales receipt or invoice.
  • Enjoy deep satisfaction from knowing your accounting is timely, accurate, organized, and tax compliant.
  • Stay organized and extend the life of your QuickBooks software by posting a summary of sales transactions on a daily or monthly basis.
  • Post all revenue streams and expenses—including marketplace, payment processor, and shipping fees—and fully reconcile.

Reports – View financial reports of all channels

  • View financial reports of all channels—which include data on revenue, expenses, order volume, inventory, and much more—for insights on margins and trends.
  • Pull customer and inventory reports to drill down on specific areas like customer behavior and vendor orders.

Automation - Schedule and automate

  • Unify automatically pulls orders from your online channels, even when you're not logged in.
  • Schedule and automate multi-channel e-commerce data entry to remove the need for multiple entries.

Email Marketing - Integrate with MailChimp

  • Integrate your curated customer lists with automated email marketing platforms like MailChimp to keep in touch with your customers, execute promotions, and carry out all of your marketing outreach efforts.

Unify works with all U.S. versions of QuickBooks Online. Unify plan begins at $49 monthly. Start your free trial today. No risk. No credit card required. No limitation on the features.

$49 / month
Free trial
15 days

Client Reviews (8)

Decent QB integration app 12 months ago by jas...com
Had some trouble in the beginning setting up Unify with our store but eventually it all came together....some manual work each day to import orders with coupons regarding mapping but besides that, works fairly well. We specifically had to import orders into QB as Sales Receipts which was new to us but we transitioned OK.
Great! about 1 year ago by Admin
Took some time to get it setup with their support, but once it's running it's very powerful. Support is very response, which I find important because my time is limited.
Great App! Huge Timesaver! about 1 year ago by ord...com http://bigwoodboards.com

What a great app!  Saves us from having to manually enter orders in our online Quickbooks from our BigCommerce store.  Definitely worth the $$ every month!  Keep up the good work Webgility.

Extremely low quality. over 2 years ago by rc@...com

Extremely low quality app.   Had to spend hours of time with their developer for it to even function at its basic level.  Now, I continue to have problems. 

Great App and Great Value! over 3 years ago by edd...com http://www.australianscent.com

At first I was skeptical, but I've been impressed. I've shopped other programs and this is the best price. And it works! It resolutely saves time. I advise when setting the sync, just click a few order statuses: ie complete and refunded, otherwise it'll download your order at every stage. But what's amazing is that when an order is downloaded in one status, say "waiting to be shipped," you can refresh the order in ecc and it will update the status of all your orders so you're not getting double entries in QB. Also, the customer service was excellent when I did have to call. They were fast, knew their software and were professionally friendly and patient. If you're not tech savvy don't worry, they are and helpful. Thanks guys for your hard work.

I LOVE IT! over 3 years ago by dal...com http://www.Networkmarketcenter.com

I am so happy I found this! It took me a while to get the set up right however I love it so much! It has saved us so much time and its very affordable compaired to many other similar solutions. Its not perfect of course however its the best for what I have found in the market for the price. I have looked for months and months and tried about 20 other services and this is the one I have the most success with and its been the cheapest!

Great App! over 3 years ago by jon...com

Frankly, not the least bit interested in accounting, data entry or tedious activities.  I have ADD and am all about sales and marketing. As a very small business, I have this system and call my accountant when needed..end of story. ECC Cloud automates the majority of these boring but essential processes and allows me to do what I'm good at. Thanks for creating such a helpful app!

dont even bother over 3 years ago by sup...com http://VapeL1FE.com

50 transactions importation in trial,and then done...dont bother