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Unify Enterprise Edition allows you to run your e-commerce business from one place by integrating QuickBooks or NetSuite accounting with your online channels, including BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Accounting - No more busy work

Automatically post all of your sales directly into your QuickBooks or NetSuite and know it is timely, accurate, organized, and tax compliant. Create sales receipts or invoices, record expenses and fees, and fully reconcile.

Inventory - Never oversell

Keep track of what products you have listed on what sales channel, what's selling for what price, and when you need to order more. Instantly sync and update price and quantity between all your sales channels.

Order Management - Simplify and sell more

Manage order statuses across all sales channels from a single location— automatically download orders, create phone orders, track order statuses, schedule automatic posting into QuickBooks or NetSuite, easily process returns, and even add notes.

Shipping - Consider it done

Connect to all your shipping providers (FedEx, UPS, Endicia, and Stamps.com) and easily compare shipping rates, print shipping labels, and track shipments. Print customized packing slips and pick list. Update order status in BigCommerce and notify customers.

Unify Enterprise Edition is certified with Intuit QuickBooks and NetSuite. Works with NetSuite (U.S. editions), QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, and Premier (U.S. and International editions).

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Client Reviews (38)

Good app so far by Garrett http://www.greenngreen.com/
We've been using eCC with QuickBooks for 1 year. eCC scheduler app crashed so many times, but it came from QuickBooks problem. It took long time to synchronize perfectly. After applied the latest version of eCC and QuickBooks, they both works well. A little problem still left, however, eCC is the good application and their support is great.
Disappointed! by Ryan
I had a lot of issues with this software and after a week I am already seeking a better alternative. - Setup was fairly straight forward - followed some generic youtube videos and stumbled through it. It would be nice if they could make a direct step by step how to explaining how it links everything together but I got it working for awhile. Not worth the $$$ setup fee they have available that is for sure! - First time it worked great and I was really happy until I found out... - Post to store can change old orders and cause emails confirmation to be sent out for orders placed months prior - when you post to store. Make sure all orders in your store are marked as shipped not completed! Atleast thats what I think the issue was. - Second Time I used it did not remember the mapped products (even though I specifically remember making sure I had it checked to save because I seen it in one of the videos), some of the mapped products are now highlighted in red. Not sure what that means? - Third time I went to use the software it popped up an error searching for a file on the hard drive when posting to quickbooks. Sent help a message about it and a few other complaints - they never addressed the issue. - Forth time I tried to get everything working again tonight and now it won't even connect to my store. I haven't changed any settings between when I set it up and now! Not sure why it says my user name/token is no longer valid. I give up
We came over from volusion - another disaster of an ecommerce platform - ECC almost put us out of business. ECC had some local executable application that would attempt to sync with your ecommerce platform. This doubled and erased inventory - I would oversell constantly and it cost us thousands of dollars in lost time, customer retention and hours lost. The tech support would ignore our basic problems - The overseas development simply is not in touch with basic eccommerce and how it functions. Look if you have 20 products then this may work for you as you cna have a birds eye view if you have problems. However we have over 500 items and are on our way to doing almost 3 million in sales. top shelf inventory management works. softcookies also works for a mid size business a few hundred orders a month at most. Stay away from this application it will fool you into thinking that it actually works and it will fail and you may or may not be able to recover your business.
Would like to try but by Mark Darby
Would like to try webgility, but after spending 2 hours trying to get the damm thing installed, emailed c/support no answer, live chat didnt want to work either. Tried ringing and was cut off, suppose it doesnt help that i`m in the UK. Looks a good product if you can get it to work and patience, i dont . Time is more precious to me on more important things Response from Webgility: Hi Mark.  We were experiencing technical issues with our chat and phone connectivity. I looked up your account but could not find any support tickets.  Since you’re in the U.K. the best method is to submit a help request on our Help Desk at https://help.webgility.com, and our Support team will get on top of it as soon as possible.  
Software is Frustrating by Dave
When it works, it works great. When it doesn't work, I found myself spending hours of precious time on the phone with tech support, letting them remote access our system and not really finding the issue. Tech support is very friendly but I can't say I'm a big fan of the software. I'm honestly looking at alternative applications. Mostly for me, the issue has been and continues to be the software doesn't download all the orders from my site; very frustrating to still be manually keying in orders when I've paid for the software to do just that. That being said, the posts here that are two years old are correct. The software was dependable then, but since there have been too many things added to it causing the issues. Response from Webgility: Hi Dave.  Depending on how you configure eCC Desktop with your Bigcommerce store, there might be a lag in downloading orders into the software.  I wasn’t able to find information about your account.  Can you contact me at hello@webgility.com so we can get this issue resolved as soon as possible? [Ed: also reached out to client via email to sync them up]
Awesome service support! by Chris
We find eCC to be very easy to use and quite stable. The integration with Big Commerce is seamless. When we do need help or have an issue, the customer service is always very fast and efficient. The service level is worth the entire investment!
Big Commerce and Quickbooks by Lori
We use ECC to help speed the process of posting our orders from Big Commerce to Quickbooks. It has saved a lot of time and a lot of paper. When we have had any problems or questions the live chat option has been very helpful. When the issues went beyond the available help online, the telephone support has been able to resolve the issues quickly and with great customer service.
Made us more efficient by Ken
We have had our BigCommerce running internally (just for our inside sales) for a couple of months. ECC helped us process those sales with our Quickbooks much more efficiently. There is a slight learning curve but it was fairly easy to pickup for our book keeper. The video provided helped a lot. We are now live with our store and I look forward to ECC keeping us in line. It is a great value for what it brings to the table.
Great for Quickbooks by Tim
I started using ECC as a solution for adding BigCommerce orders into Quickbooks. The setup for getting this done took about 2 hours, but works perfect. I tried some of the other features of the software, but our products/options are quite complex and it was difficult to make work with ECC. The customer support has it's ups and down. For simple questions it's great, but if you're doing anything complex there may not be an answer. If you all you need is Quickbooks sync this is a great solution.
A little quirky at times but solid by Noah
We've had problems with the scheduler (which syncs inventory and orders with quickbooks) dying unexpectedly and needing to be restarted but all in all, this is a pretty slick way to avoid a lot of manual entry between your big commerce store and quickbooks.
eCC Review by Morgan
eCC is working great. It saves so much time over manual entry of my orders from my BigCommerce site to my Quick Books Enterprise. The customer service has been very helpful!
eCC with Big Commerce by Jim
We started using Webgility because we were one of the few BigCommerce stores that had issues integrating with QuickBooks. Once we started using eCC, we were glad we did. Our data was easily and quickly integrated perfectly. When we did have a few issues, the customer support was quick and accurate. This is one of the best investments we have made. I highly recommend it!
Saves us time by Matt
Nothing beats it for quickbooks integration with bigcommerce. Tried T-Hub. No comparison. The setup is easier and use is easier also. The shipping integration is great also. There have been a few hiccups here and there, but it always gets worked out. We are a pretty high volume seller and this saves us a ton of manual entry which also helps avoid shipping mistakes.
Webgility with BigCommerce by karina
We currently use BigCommerce for a shopping cart. We needed a program that integrated with BigCommerce and QuickBooks Enterprise, which is why we went with Webgility. Once installed, Webgility definitely provides more data than you would otherwise get out of BigCommerce alone. The customer service team at Webgility has overall been very friendly and very thorough when we have called them with issues.
Great Fit by Anne
We sell on Amazon, eBay and have a BigCommerce website. We needed to get sales from all three channels into Quickbooks, have our inventory numbers in Quickbooks reduced, route each sale to the proper class and capture the Paypal fee for each sale. Webgility is the program that we chose to handle all these needs. We have had no issues so far. When questions arose during set up, the support desk was very helpful and we got responses right away from them. This program has shaved hours off our accounting time. One of the best features is when you route a SKU from a sold item to a Quickbooks item, Webgility has the ability to remember it for future sales. So nice! We are very happy with Webgility and would reccomend to anyone.
Good system by Jessica Daniel
We started using Webguility eCC because we needed a solution that offered both Quickbooks integration and shipping integration for our BigCommerce store. The support staff was very helpful and easy to reach (not something easy to come by these days). It is a very feature rich system, and seemed to do a great job of posting to Quickbooks. The setup can be a little tricky if you're not the accountant and you don't know all of your details, so you may want to make sure they are on hand when you set this up.
Webgility by Michael
We have used Webgillity eCC for over 2 years and have found it invaluable for updating to Quickbooks. The customer support has been prompt and professional. The integration with Bigcommerce has been flawless and they keep improving the capability. I highly recommend adding it to the workflow.
ECC review by Ken
Overall we're pretty happy with the program after having used it for a month now. It is definitely a time saver and helps eliminate data entry errors for orders, even if you only use it for posting orders to Quickbooks and don't also use the integrated shipping function. We've had to contact support on a few questions including the "how do I" questions and they were very responsive, knowledgeable, and respectful. The program runs a bit slow so I recommend using the Scheduler which does a lot of tasks automatically in the background. Also, you can't run it on a server if you want to have multiple people accessing it. Perhaps our situation is unque- we use Remote Desktop Server clients to access an offsite server on which our QB and ECC is installed. We wanted multiple users to be able to access ECC on that machine at the same time as they can with programs like Outlook and QB. The developers tell us this is not possible so that's been a problem for us. But overall, we think the value for price paid is very good and we appreciate how complex it is to develop a program like this.
Great product by Christina
We needed a program to help us with our inventory. This program has communication from the website to QuickBooks Point of Sale and vice versa, this was the biggest need I had. It took quite a bit to get it working properly, however when it does its perfect. It takes my products out of inventory, and then sends the numbers back to the site, so if I am out of stock on a sku it cannot be ordered. Exactly what I was looking for! And I cannot say enough about the tech support, they are awesome.
ECC and BigCommerce by Brian
After hours (and I mean HOURS) of research I turned to ECC in conjunction with BigCommerce to modernize my inventory tracking and ease my workload by reducing manual invoicing for my products. Prior to ECC I was operating in the dinosaur age using manual methods of hand counting and reconciling on a monthly basis. With product walking out the door for sampling, constant order pulling and office usage I knew it was time to begin using modern methods to reduce human error. I first looked into a scanning system and decided that, along with ECC and BigCommerce, was the route I would take. I came from a GoDaddy shopping cart, which is simple, but just didn't meet the automation I needed (furthermore, when I asked GoDaddy they refused to even direct me to an ECC-like program so they lost my business). These days I have an almost 100% automated system of inventory tracking and invoicing. When a customer orders product on my BigCommerce shopping cart an invoice is automatically generated in my QuickBooks and paid via credit card. This deducts the product from my inventory and keeps my numbers accurate. Furthermore, I use an invoice verification system that downloads invoices to my scanning device which notifies my employees and I if we are pulling the correct product to ship. After the order is processed all I do is go into each specific invoice in QuickBooks and click "Ship" to send the coffee to the customer and I'm done! Thanks ECC, you're a dream come true!
Great When It Works by Hillary Smith
We started using Webgility ECC after it became apparent that there was no way we could keep up manually entering information in QuickBooks. Webgility is really great and helpful when it works correctly, but there are some strange "glitchy" things that happen every so often, making me second guess if all the information is properly synced at times. Tech support is all in India, and most service reps are competent, though a little hard to understand at times. The learning curve for the program has been hard for me and the tutorials are not very thorough for specific business settings. However, we will still use ECC because I can do it alone and there is not another program that seems to interface with QB and our BC platform as well as ECC does.
pretty good by Brant
ECC is pretty good, for what we need. There was a bit of a problem early on with integration with Big Commerce. Fortunately the tech guys at ECC were eventually able to resolve. It does everything we need for now. I would say its worth it.
eCC integration by Julie
I have to say that the support was excellent in the process of integrating with Quick Books. Fairly easy to find your way around the eCC website. I would like to see a few more variables in configuring the store in orders though.
done the good job with no problem by wenkai hsieh
we had been used this software for over a year, our main idea is to save the time and effort to enter each transactions from bigcommerce to quick book. and this program just help us to do the job. it is very simple to use and operate. if we encounter any questions or technical issue, we can call their tech center to solved the problem, usually problem solved within a phone call. Different price for different performance, so choose your need and pay the monthly fee and you are ready to go. I would recommend you to use this program regards online store front and quick book.
ECC/Webgility by JSimp
We chose webgility for integrating our Big Commerce store with our Quickbooks accounting software. So far I have not had any issues, and have really liked the way they integrate. I had to call ECC one time for a small technical issue and they fixed it while I was on the phone and were super nice. I'd recommend them to anyone needing software to integrate other softwares. Thanks, Webgility!
Easy Integration by James
My business needed an easily integratable solution between BigCommerce and Quickbooks. My ecommerce business was growing and a more automated application was necessary. That's when I came across eCC and was quickly and easily able to integrate the app into our systems. Thank you!!
Webgility eCC by John
Webgility eCC has been a huge time saver for processing our orders. We were stuck with "copy and paste" for all new customers from B.C. and it was taking too much time. Manually entering information also increased the chance for mistakes. We signed up for the free trial and after using it for a short time we signed up for the entire year. It took a little time to get everything in place but once the store was set up and all items were mapped it has been a breeze. My only regret is that I didn't do sooner.
Webgility eCC review by Karen
We are mostly pleased with Webgility eCC. It has helped us immensely in streamlining our systems so we are not double entering information into Quickbooks. We've had a few more bugs than we'd like, but Webgility has either fixed them or been available and open to doing so. We will continue to use the service and know it will improve significantly overtime, and would definitely recommend them.
ECC Review by Anthony
As the company's Network Administrator I was looking at something that would be easy to manage and update so I wouldn't have to do all the coding. We also needed a system were we could pull data down without having to do much to go straight into Quick Books so we had less manual labor. ECC has done that for us. Now I just have to check daily to make sure that it pulled down data and that it was posted into Quick Books and to call the accounting department and ask how everything looks. Other than that I don't have to do anything other than updating products and prices on the bigcommerce webpage and just making sure everything is running smooth. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have more things automated and have less manual work.
Works Great! by Karl G
We needed a solution to pull our bigcommerce orders into quickbooks. Nothing more, nothing less. Webgility eCC works flawlessly for this purpose! Saves us hours of manual data entry each month. Integration was a breeze. Great job!
Great customer service by S.P.
We have used ECC for about one and a half years. We only had a problem once when we changed some setting in Big Commerce. We sent a message to customer service, and they called back and fixed the problem right away. We were really impressed by how efficient they were.
Saves time by Nathaniel Brown
We use ECC to streamline the process of moving our orders from BigCommerce to Quickbooks. Setup was simple and fast, and the system has worked reliably for us for the past year. Products, customers, shipping fees, and unique sales tax setups have all worked great for us. Saves us time and resources every day.
eCC and Big Commerce by Don
Quite simple. It eliminates 99.9% of manual sales order input into QuickBooks and has essentially saved me countless hours, money and stress. If you run an E-Commerce Website and QuickBooks you do not know what you are missing. I gladly pay the fee for this service each and every month. It has helped my business to grow because I have more time as as sole proprietor to focus on sales and customer interaction.
Destroyed my inventory. Useless POS integration by Troy
BEWARE: I was told by their sales people that Webgility could sync my inventory between two BigCommerce sites and Quickbooks POS. Instead their software completely ruined the inventory I had in BigCommerce. We had to manually inventory thousands of products. QuickBooks POS was useless, because Webgility could not figure out how to show our retail price. Instead all our products were selling for cost price (hard to make a profit this way). Customer service is horrible. They will ignore you. Do not allow Webgility to have access to your Bigcommerce site - you have been warned. Response from Webgility: QuickBooks POS does not support the complex product options that are offered with Bigcommerce. We have a dedicated support team for Bigcommerce customers, and we strive to provide excellent services. As this isn’t a typical use case, it took us a while to figure that out, and we apologize for the inconveniences.
Eh by Brent
Okay, this has its ups and downs. I should preface this by saying I have more specialized needs, so if you do not have these needs the solution is probably great. WIth regards to the QB integration, it works great. My issues are with my store integration - specifically when my customers send items to more than one address in the same order. Currently, eCC does not have a way to import multiple shipping addresses in to their system, so we are forced to use another third party solution (ShipWorks) to do our shipping. Strike one. The next issue is many of our customers, especially during the holidays, send gifts to friends/families/colleagues and they want to include a special gift message. Our store allows for a gift message to be added, but the messages are not imported in to eCC, so again, we are forced to backtrack to our store admin site and print out the cards. We recently got a custom feature added, though, and it works just okay, barely. Bottom line is no third party solution is perfect for everyone, so depending on how robust your needs are this may or may not be perfect for you. All I can say is be sure to ask the questions if you are in doubt. Response from Webgility: eCC Desktop’s core features are integrating your online store with QuickBooks, but we’re also building out our shipping features. Your requests are added to the roadmap.
by Andrew http://www.createmate.com
Once this program is up and running its the easiest program and quickest shipping program I have used. Wegility support of awesome these guys are there and help you every step of the way. This program with it's support is outstanding. It's hard at the beginning but once these guys help set it up it's smooth sailing. Hands down this is the way to go. Thank you guys for all your support in getting this up and running. Andrew
by Charles
Overall Webgility's eCC is a great software program for posting to Quickbooks and printing shipping labels. You can setup B.C., eBay, Amazon, and other shopping carts. It works well and they are great about fixing any issues with their software. You really feel like your input matters when you see your suggestion pop up in the next update. There are a few things here and there that need fixed or changed but they are constantly improving it. My only gripe is their license fees and their \"Add-on\" packages. The license fees are kind of ridiculous, especially if you get the $50 a month package and have to pay $500. They do occasionally run promotions for no license fees so watch out for those. The add-on packages are not worth the money. I did the $400 package and received a lot less than I expected. You are better off just pestering their support for free whenever you have a question and just hiring an accountant/bookkeeper on Odesk for the Quickbooks portion.
by Mike Sabatini http://www.shopflipo.com
We turned to Webgility eCC because we needed a solution for integrating our online sales with Quickbooks Enterprise. We are extremely happy with the software and the support. Issues that come up are generally resolved the same or next business day. Tech support is friendly and thorough. The software is updated regularly and many of the recent updates related directly to Big Commerce. We also used T-Hub for a while but like eCC way better for a lot of reasons. Great job Webgility!