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Customized Slide Out Tool (Tired of DIY? We handle everything!)

  • Conversions from registering to buying can be from 10% to as high as 40%.
  • Overall site sales conversion rates can increase 5% to 10%.
  • Grow email/social engagement.
  • We do everything for you - from creative to implementation.
  • Each look is custom. Only your brand is visible.
  • Sales tracking integrated in app and easily installed in Big Commerce platform.

You need to capture new email addresses and we deliver with our Unlock-an-Offer slide out tool.

Unlock-an-Offer is a fully customizable, persistent slide out tool that allows a website visitor to enter their email address and receive an offer in exchange.

This solution is a less intrusive than a lightbox/modal as slide out that ensures the user less is more engaged with the content of your page.


  • 100% Managed Service
  • Offers, deals and coupons can be changed at any time by your designated program manager
  • Custom look and feel delivered for each site branded for the advertiser
  • Every email address is verified in real-time to ensure it is a deliverable email address.
  • Offers can launch from multiple positions on the page
  • All tools are launched from a separate dedicated server so as not to further encumber the Advertiser's site

For more information call 970-425-3060 or email bigcommerce@eaccountable.com.

eAccountable has been working with ecommerce sites since 2000, specializing in retail representation for merchants.

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