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Vantage is the must-have dashboard with over 100 metrics including: top selling products, gender breakdown, year to date revenue, and much more.

To start saving you time and money, Vantage automatically identifies opportunities to be more profitable.

Vantage automatically performs powerful analysis, helps build Facebook advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns and monitors a store's performance to save a merchant over 40 hours of work every month!

More data-driven action.

More time to focus on running your business.

More revenue.

Here's what some of our happy customers have to say about Vantage:

★★★★★ "Amazing support and great app to provide top level business insights and trends that will help you run your business more profitably."

- Victoria Emerson

Thousands of happy customers are already using Vantage to scale their revenue – Try it Now!

Client Reviews (4)

It didn't work for me about 1 year ago by

it doesn't work! Customer service is not too bad, however.

Vantage gives a clear picture about 1 year ago by

Vantage is gives a clear picture of what I sell and what I don't sell.  I have not dabbled into all of their tools, but customer service is great and really shows where my business and increase even more

Vantage is great! about 1 year ago by

I am just getting started with my online store so I haven't utilized all the great features Vantage offers, but already I love it.  The dashboard shows me interesting and exciting details about my store and my customers.  The staff are very helpful and responsive - even though I only have the free plan.  I am looking forward to running my first Facebook campaign based on Vantage's suggestions.

Test about 1 year ago by