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About the app

Do E-commerce businesses need to worry about VAT/GST?

  • If you are a business that is selling goods online into different countries, there is a good chance you will encounter some form of indirect tax - GST, Sales Tax or VAT.
  • In order to ensure your business runs smoothly, you have to be compliant with the local laws and regulations - this is a non-negotiable.

Vatglobal & vsuite

  • Vatglobal worries about the complexities so that you don't need to. Vatglobal combines global VAT expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide integrated VAT solutions. Our cloud-based software, vsuite, helps online sellers automate VAT compliance in over 70 jurisdictions.
  • We provide a true one-stop-shop VAT compliance solution. This includes:
    • setting up new VAT registrations,
    • integrating clients' systems with our VAT reporting software and
    • management of the compliance and filing process.
    • This is all done through the vsuite platform.
  • In addition, vsuite offers an array of add-ons and apps which help sellers manage the end-to-end supply chain, including:
    • optimizing logistics via vship,
    • paying tax via vpay or
    • having access to an array of compliance and customs knowledge on vlearn.

App Features


File VAT returns and other reports in over 30 countries. The app integrates with your accounting system to automatically import your sales and purchase data into the cloud-based platform.Effective data analysis and transaction validation flags possible errors and gives you the option of fixing these immediately online, with a full digital audit trail.VAT returns can be submitted electronically wherever possible, otherwise the final return will be displayed online in English and can be downloaded or sent to colleagues.


vlearn turns any tax department into global VAT experts. It's the ideal digital tool for any businesses that:

  • Enters new territory with unfamiliar VAT rules
  • Operates in the EU with no prior exposure to the EU VAT system
  • Uses a shared service centre in which staff require training on the fundamental VAT principles of the EU.
  • Has a VAT manager who is managing compliance obligations and needs a practical resource for information.
  • Has AP and AR departments that need to determine whether VAT is correctly charged, accounted for and recoverable.

VAT compliance is highly complex, even for tax professionals, and regulations are constantly changing. vlearn is an accurate, up-to-date and easy-to-understand source of information.

vlearn will help you to:

  • Answer country-specific VAT questions
  • Check global legislation
  • Clarify your compliance obligations

The vship app provides a tech-driven, international freight service that caters for a user's individual needs. Managing the shipments is only the beginning: using Vatglobal and our network of partners, vship will help provide an end-to-end, outsourced solution including customs clearance, import VAT reclaim and tax compliance services as well.

The user simply logs in, enters the shipment details and vship will display the best price quotes available and allow you to book the collection and delivery.

Case Studies

When hoodies take over Europe: How Vatglobal helped this iconic US streetwear brand expand globally and automate their compliance

Before meeting with Vatglobal, S had been using multiple agents across many different countries to maintain their VAT compliance. Their in-efficient supply chain resulted in erosion of margins, delayed deliveries and compliance penalties from various European tax offices. Most crucially, there was no automation within the VAT compliance process, which made scaling their sales an impossibility.

S partnered with Vatglobal, plugging into our centralized and tech-based service. Using the automated power of vsuite, Vatglobal is able to manage its VAT reporting seamlessly from one single source of truth, ingesting the necessary sales data direct from their systems. In addition, our team of consultants advised on a re-structuring of their supply chain to take advantage of VAT deferment schemes and using our vship app, optimised the fulfilment process, both internationally and last mile.

The Results: a snapshot of success

  • 28 - VAT Registrations manage
  • 4 - System integrations to automate reporting
  • $850,000 - Savings made in reduction in shipping costs and deferment of import VAT


S are not only leading the charge in streetwear but chose to adopt the leading VAT compliance software and management services for their own business, proving that digital transformation can filter into all fields of business including VAT departments. With vsuite's robust technology and the centralised, integrated approach to VAT compliance from one single provider, the Supreme team can rest easy knowing that they are 100% compliant in all the necessary jurisdictions in which they sell.

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