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About the app

Vesta eCommerce removes the barriers of manually managing product data. Vesta will automate the collection and cleaning of product data from vendors, giving you more complete and accurate product information to sync directly into your PIM or BigCommerce store.

With Vesta, you can reduce up to 90% of the time spent managing product data, along with enabling you to significantly expand your product catalog online.

App Features

COLLECT product data

Vesta will set up automated workflows to collect product data from each of your vendors continuously over time.

Vesta works directly with your vendors to link directly to their data source whether it be API, FTP or a simple spreadsheet.

Not only do you get access to their entire range, all future updates and changes will flow through automatically to your PIM or BigCommerce store.

CLEAN product data

Vesta will clean the incoming data from vendors in the following 3 steps

  1. Vesta merges the incoming data into a normalized state
  2. Vesta's transformation engine will translate your data, based on rules set up specifically for your business, into an optimized format for your online store.
  3. Vesta's Validation Engine identifies errors such as incorrect formats, missing fields or duplicates. These errors are highlighted, ready for easy correction
CONNECT product data

Vesta joins the dots within the ecosystem of e-commerce data systems. Through built in connectors the cleansed data can flow with continuous updates from Vesta directly into your store as well as ERP, POS and PIM systems. This orchestration means data is consistent throughout the business.

Fuller, accurate product data at the online store improves the customer experience increasing conversions and reducing returns.

For those populating new e-commerce sites Vesta can accelerate this process by months and enable a wider product range to be stocked online.

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