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Join the thousands of online retailers who use our apps and workflows to generate more sales, help customers and automate tasks.

Sync your e-commerce store with software you already use

Every app integration we've built goes far beyond a typical plugin. From the start we've created powerful, automated connections with the online retailer in mind. Now, you can connect with great cloud software like MailChimp, Xero, and Zapier in just a few clicks. There's no complicated set ups or recipes to configure, everything just works.

Awesome email workflows that generate sales & save time

Trigger abandoned cart emails, first time buyer rewards, customer reminders, order status updates and more from our pre-built workflows. Target your customers when it matters most in one simple, easy-to-use rule builder.

$9 to $199/mo. Free 30 day trial

Client Reviews (1)

The email solution and more for growing businesses about 1 year ago by Colin Cartwright

We've used Mailchimp for some time. Although as a Bigcommerce user you may find as we did that passing the eCommerce data over to MC is not that straightforward.  The team at Vextras can even pull historical data, for a small fee. 

Set your lists, segment and send targeted email when you need too.

Whilst you can segment within Bigcommerce and pass to lists, valuable data such as number of orders someone has made or last order date, and total value of orders is not passed over. 

The answer Vextras. We've explored almost every option for email automation. Klaviyo, Remarkety etc but Vextras and MailChimp gives a lot more versatility and works out way cheaper too. 

We use Postmaster, which is now the Mailchimp app. As we grow our business we will use more of the cool apps in Vextras. 

Support is 2nd to none. Kyle and his team are right on hand. Plus as he says he has been in the trenches and knows how eCommerce works so is ideally suited to provide this awesome solution.