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Integrations and messaging designed for Bigcommerce retailers

Vextras allows Bigcommerce retailers to send targeted e-mails based on customer behavior like customer reviews, rewards and much more. In addition, shop owners can sync their online store with software they depend on to run their businesses.


Targeted e-mail messaging for Bigcommerce that will create sales & save time

Trigger first-time buyer messages, customer reminders, order status updates and more from our pre-built workflows. Target your customers when it matters the most in one simple, easy-to-use rule builder.

  • Inject dynamic data from your store to create relevant, personalized emails.
  • Choose a workflow, set criteria and start sending messages to your customers in minutes.


Sync your Bigcommerce store with software you already use

Every app integration we've built goes far beyond a typical plugin. From the start we've created powerful, automated connections with the online retailer in mind. Now, you can connect with great cloud software like MailChimp, Groove, Highrise, and Slack in just a few clicks.

  • Real-time data feeds.
  • Integrate your online store with hundreds of apps.
  • No complicated set-ups or recipes to configure, everything just works.

More Features

  • Intuitive dashboard - Track key metrics of your store's performance at various time intervals.
  • App metrics - See key stats for each app integration. Information is compiled in real-time.
  • Valuable customer insights - See historical sales stats, what products are purchased, and even how often customers buy from your store.
  • Rich customer profiles - Profile details are automatically created from order information with links to useful data about your customers.
  • Customer workflow stats - Gain unique perspective about your customers behavior and see which e-mails convert the best.
  • Send direct messages - Easily reach out to your customers inside any customer profile.
  • Order details - See information about products ordered and easily access product pages in one-click.
  • Advanced workflow rule logic - Target your customers with precision. Dial in filters for products ordered, by opt-in preference and much more, depending on the workflow activated.
  • White label e-mail sending - Make delivery of any workflows message appear like it's coming from your store's domain.
  • Dynamic workflow data - Personalize any e-mail workflow with hundreds of content variables that are available from your store's API.
  • Starter e-mail templates - Design your own HTML templates or use our starter templates to get going in no time.
  • Google UTM tracking - We automatically apply Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters to your workflow messages, so you can keep all of your site's reporting in sync.
  • Free training - If you need help we're happy to schedule a call anytime. We also have an extensive docs area that's available 24/7.
  • No commitment - There are no long-term contracts when you use Vextras. Pay as long as you feel our product provides value in building your online business.
$9 to $199/mo. Free 30 day trial

Client Reviews (2)

Vextras is an absolute gamechanger 11 months ago by
The Vextras free trial doesn't require a credit card - if it did I would have never gone through the hassle of dealing with a purchase request or our accounting department just to try it out. I am glad I did, because we solved some huge problems using Vextras. Well worth the cost. Our company has multiple BigCommerce stores and we needed a solution for transactional emails. We have very custom and very specific needs for all of our transactional emails, and with Vextras they were very easy to set up, test, and activate. Finally we can ignore Mandrill. Dealing with multiple stores is insanely simple - and there's no additional cost to us. The ability to switch from stores within Vextras keeps our triggers and workflows organized. Kyle and Ryan are fantastic and very responsive. The custom job they implemented for us was very affordable and they completed it extremely fast. Our next step is to use Vextras to finally ditch BigCommerce's difficult system for managing Order Notification emails. BC has a rigid system and doesn't allow for much control. I am excited to use our existing HTML layouts to get all of our system emails to look beautiful.
The email solution and more for growing businesses over 2 years ago by Colin Cartwright

We've used Mailchimp for some time. Although as a Bigcommerce user you may find as we did that passing the eCommerce data over to MC is not that straightforward.  The team at Vextras can even pull historical data, for a small fee. 

Set your lists, segment and send targeted email when you need too.

Whilst you can segment within Bigcommerce and pass to lists, valuable data such as number of orders someone has made or last order date, and total value of orders is not passed over. 

The answer Vextras. We've explored almost every option for email automation. Klaviyo, Remarkety etc but Vextras and MailChimp gives a lot more versatility and works out way cheaper too. 

We use Postmaster, which is now the Mailchimp app. As we grow our business we will use more of the cool apps in Vextras. 

Support is 2nd to none. Kyle and his team are right on hand. Plus as he says he has been in the trenches and knows how eCommerce works so is ideally suited to provide this awesome solution.