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Bring the excitement of real-life gifting into the digital age.

The viigii e-commerce service helps gift-givers connect with their recipients by sending an interactive virtual preview while the gift is in the mail. As a simple add-on to online purchases, viigii allows customers to celebrate on the day itself without worrying when the package will arrive.

Keep customers on your site: The viigii experience offers a new level of convenience to build customer loyalty. With immediate digital delivery, each preview gives customers the immediacy they crave in today's fast-paced digital age.

Provide a memorable experience: Interactive animations and personalized messaging offer a fun and spontaneous experience for both the gift-giver and recipient. Each purchase becomes an occasion to remember!

Increase brand exposure: Customizable graphics offer a new opportunity to increase awareness of your brand and attract new customers.

How does viigii for BigCommere work?

Alex wants to send Sam a special gift with viigii. What does it look like?

  1. Select viigii at checkout: When buying a gift from an online retailer, Alex selects the viigii option on the last checkout page.
  2. Send preview: Alex enters Sam's email or phone number to send the viigii preview.
  3. Enjoy the animation: Sam clicks the preview to reveal the sneak peek of her upcoming gift.
  4. Receive the gift in the mail: Sam's real gift arrives in the mail according to the retailer's shipping options.

What features does viigii offer?

Revolutionize gifting with viigii's innovative features:

Dynamic interactive experience: Through an interactive animation with custom graphics, the gift recipient will virtually "unwrap" their gift to reveal the real gift on the way.

Flexible delivery: Customers enjoy worry-free gifting with the option to send their preview immediately or on a specific date in the future.

Immediate notifications: Each viigii preview reaches the recipient as quickly as an email or text. With automated notifications, the gift-giver can rest easy knowing that their special preview was delivered.

Personalized message: Gifting is all the more special with the ability for the gift-giver and recipient to exchange notes.


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