Walmart Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce

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The Walmart Marketplace integration lets you connect Bigcommerce store with – among the largest marketplace of U.S.

Walmart Integration uses API communication mechanism to establish a seamless bond between the two platforms – Bigcommerce and This enables you to perform all the sales critical operations – items setup and management, inventory and order management, and pricing – from your store.

Simply list your Bigcommerce store products at and receive the orders at your store itself – no juggling multiple accounts.

Benefits of Bigcommerce Marketplace Integration:

Saves Time:

Be it uploading the information of all the items in one go, or finding out the errors while uploading products, the Integration enables you to save time.

Saves Effort:

Same here, bulk uploading not only saves time but efforts as well. Besides this, auto acknowledges features accepts the order automatically. There are various other bulk features such as inventory updates, product information correction, price updating makes it somewhat effortless.

Save Money:

The most affordable quote you can get delivers more value than its pricing. Also, this multi-channel listing saves you from all the money and efforts put in e-mail marketing, cold calling; no listing charges, no auto renewal, and NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FOR FREE TRIAL.

Features of Bigcommerce Integration:

Real Time Synchronization:

Be it orders from, or changes that you make in your product information, all the to-and-fro operations are synchronized in real-time.

Product Custom Pricing:

Since Walmart is extremely cost competitive marketplace, you need to manipulate your items price from time-to-time to win the buy box. Here Product Custom Pricing enables you to increase or decrease the amount of all the products either by a fixed amount or fixed %age.

Threshold Quantity:

Define a number below which the item in question's inventory status is sent to Walmart as Zero. This is to provide you the window of restocking and save you from any penalty that Walmart awards due to order cancellation

Why CedCommerce

(All within 9 months)

2000+ Active Customers, 300,000 orders created $10,000,000+ GMV

Dedicated Account Manager:

Trains you to understand the Walmart Marketplace Integration app better and maximize its utility;

assists you to upload and list products on and if required, even, uploads products for the vendors.

Expert Training

Unlimited training sessions until you get proficient with the handling of Walmart Marketplace Integration App panel.

Recurring updates

Since Walmart releases updates periodically to make selling more user-friendly, so all the recurring updates are FREE.

Free App-Service From $42/month Billed-Annually(7 Days Free Trial)

Client Reviews (15)

This is the second extension I have purchased from CED Commerce (I also have the Extension). It works great! I continue to be impressed, not only with the extension itself, but the support behind it. They have a great team that is very knowledgeable and attentive. If I have a problem, it gets resolved quick. That's critical for me. Great extension! Highly recommended!!! Thank You & Good Job CEDCOMMERCE!!!
Amazing App & Awesome Customer service 2 months ago by
We have been using this app for a few months now. The app allowed us to quickly start selling on The app is well priced and orders flow right into our Bigcommerce account. We are able to manage everything within Bigcommerce, making it very easy to update information across multiple platforms. We also utilize their app. Between the 2 apps we have seen our web sales grow 300%. If an issue came up, the CedCommerce team worked hard to resolve it in a timely manner and ensure our sales were not disrupted. Thank You CedCommerce Team.
STAY AWAY 4 months ago by
Great source of help 7 months ago by
App is pretty complicated but tech support is exceptional. Yes, the app is difficult to upload products and update inventory but tech support is always available at one point or another and can assist you with any problem. They also make sure to follow up and help in anyway possible.
Great source of help 7 months ago by
App is pretty complicated but tech support is exceptional. Yes, the app is difficult to upload products and update inventory but tech support is always available at one point or another and can assist you with any problem. They also make sure to follow up and help in anyway possible.
Exceptional service 7 months ago by
CEDCOMMERCE Walmart Marketplace Integration The customer service team is providing us with instant reply and fixing issues on time with good support. The customer service team is friendly and competent and is providing exceptional service. The app is working great and we are sure we will get our products on Walmart in no time.
Great Service 7 months ago by Romit Kumar Melwani
As I left my previous inventory management company, I was looking for a similar company that can seamlessly carry over the maintenance of my Walmart account. I found that with CEDCommerce. From listing, to updating and orders processing, they have exceeded my expectations. On top of that, they have 24 hour assistance in case something goes wrong. I have already signed up for their Jet app and awaiting all their further apps for Bigcommerce.
I wanted to like this app. I really did. At first it seemed like the answer to my problem with uploading inventory to Walmart. I was thrilled. It seemed like it was going to make my life so easy. HAH! Then came the error messages. I would open a support ticket and then the badgering started to skype with them. NO, I don't want to skype. I had to tell them a dozen times I didn't want to friggin skype with them. So, one error would get fixed and I would think, okay, great!, They seemed responsive enough. But noooooo, that error they fixed would simply cause a bigger error and I would have to open a another support ticket. They would answer me with a subject line like "Fixed!!!!!!!" Really? Who does that? But aside from the hyperbolic language, it was not "Fixed!!!!" And then, I saw more errors, orders would not come through to my store and then tracking numbers would not upload to Walmart. I had to do the orders manually through Walmart which defeated the purpose of the app. The kicker came this week after I filed another support ticket about the order problem. Now nothing in the app works. Anything I click on in the home page of the app gives me an error rendering the whole thing completely useless. I have notified Big Commerce and am filing a complaint with the BBB and the FL Attorney General. I will also notify Walmart.
Good Support 8 months ago by
Good team support whenever I need them
Fantastic Support, Great People! 10 months ago by
The support that we have received both before and after purchasing this app has been some of the best we've ever seen. They have been helpful for us both day and night. I cannot put into words how great they have been to us. We have a rather large store with some complex needs. This presented challenges for their team that most stores would not. They never complained and worked with us to get over each and every hurdle. We are not up and running and very happy with the service! If you are looking for an integration with the Walmart Marketplace, look no further. Thank you again to their team for all the amazing help! I would recommend them to ANYONE.
Very helpful, Great App 10 months ago by
App works great with Customer service is fast and quick. Very knowledgeable customer support. 24 hr support is great. They also have the best price for this type of connection with We have been using CEDCOMMERCE for several months now and service has been great. This app has been great managing inventory and prices with
Big Help 11 months ago by
Good support. Had some early issues and have about 10 products on Walmart at this point. Nice way to overcome the headache of trying to connect to Walmart. Hoping for further improvements but off to a good start.
New Sales Channel 11 months ago by
This new integration is working smoothly and driving lots of new sales for our business. Customer support from CEDCommerce is extremely helpful, and almost always available at a moments notice. Good for anyone looking for a low cost way of integrating their inventory with
Stay Far away! Maybe a beta test at best 12 months ago by
8/30 - Update after Months of testing I still have to pretty much have them manually launch every listing for me after i get unknown errors with no information for me to research. It's great they do end up fixing most of the errors, but this will take a few years to launch products at this rate. Plus I get constant calls harassing me about this review. Literally every time I open the app and attempt to launch a product there is an error. Options are gone all all products, images are gone, field won't save, etc. This could be a great product, but at this point I have literally wasted 100's of hours hoping to make this work. Inventory doesn't synch correctly. If you tell them a product is wrong, they will fix that product, but you still have no idea if anything else is correct. Products don't launch correctly, but they'll try to fix the problem if you point it out. Orders some times come through, but you have to manually go through to synch them and if there's an error, it won't tell you. And the master admin is the only person who can even see the app. They will need your master login for big commerce and walmart to troubleshoot most issues. I spend an hour or two a day to bring in maybe 50% of my 4-5 orders a day.
Great App! about 1 year ago by
Works like a charm and the support team is always on point!