Walmart Marketplace Integration

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Getting orders from is too big opportunity to be ignored. This is what Walmart Marketplace Integration app has been developed for: provide an opportunity to sellers vying to increase their sales. The Walmart Marketplace Integration app, in a seamless process, transfers products data to Walmart so they can be listed for selling.



1. Synchronizes of Inventory & Product Listing

The app synchronizes the product quantity (inventory) & product information (Listing) of BigCommerce store with

2. Updating of Inventory & Product Listing

The app updates and reflects any change – due to purchase, change by seller or for any other reason - in the product quantity (inventory) and product information (Listing) on Walmart & BigCommerce store in near real-time.

3. Bulk Products Upload

App enables BigCommerce Store sellers to upload products in mass – by following the guidelines and directives set by Walmart – on

4. Connects with Walmart Shipping

Connects with Walmart Shipping App let sellers customize their shipping to synchronize with Walmart shipping. So, as soon as they receive orders from Walmart, they can notify Walmart for fulfilling the order.


Personal Account Manager:

  1. An executive is aligned with you as soon as you made the purchase.
  2. He assists you with: Getting familiar with the navigation of the Walmart Marketplace Integration app Panel.
  3. Assisting in uploading and listing products on If required, he even, uploads products for the vendors.

Expert Training:

Unlimited training sessions until you get proficient with handling of Walmart Marketplace Integration App panel.

Recurring updates

Since Walmart releases updates periodically to make selling more user friendly, so all the recurring updates are FREE.

Why Us?

Ours is a product on most competitive pricing with the best support. We are committed to make our user successful and for that we do all that we can.


    $299 / year with 7-Days Free Trial

    Client Reviews (6)

    Fantastic Support, Great People! about 1 month ago by
    The support that we have received both before and after purchasing this app has been some of the best we've ever seen. They have been helpful for us both day and night. I cannot put into words how great they have been to us. We have a rather large store with some complex needs. This presented challenges for their team that most stores would not. They never complained and worked with us to get over each and every hurdle. We are not up and running and very happy with the service! If you are looking for an integration with the Walmart Marketplace, look no further. Thank you again to their team for all the amazing help! I would recommend them to ANYONE.
    Very helpful, Great App about 1 month ago by
    App works great with Customer service is fast and quick. Very knowledgeable customer support. 24 hr support is great. They also have the best price for this type of connection with We have been using CEDCOMMERCE for several months now and service has been great. This app has been great managing inventory and prices with
    Big Help 2 months ago by
    Good support. Had some early issues and have about 10 products on Walmart at this point. Nice way to overcome the headache of trying to connect to Walmart. Hoping for further improvements but off to a good start.
    New Sales Channel 2 months ago by
    This new integration is working smoothly and driving lots of new sales for our business. Customer support from CEDCommerce is extremely helpful, and almost always available at a moments notice. Good for anyone looking for a low cost way of integrating their inventory with
    Stay Far away! Maybe a beta test at best 3 months ago by
    Inventory doesn't synch correctly. If you tell them a product is wrong, they will fix that product, but you still have no idea if anything else is correct. Products don't launch correctly, but they'll try to fix the problem if you point it out. Orders some times come through, but you have to manually go through to synch them and if there's an error, it won't tell you. And the master admin is the only perosn who can even see the app. They will need your master login for big commerce and walmart to troubleshoot most issues. I spend an hour or two a day to bring in maybe 50% of my 4-5 orders a day.
    Great App! 4 months ago by
    Works like a charm and the support team is always on point!