WANT Button - Facebook Wishlists

The ideal shopping action for e-commerce sites, the WANT Button allows consumers to keep a universal wish list on their Facebook page and drive exposure, traffic and sales for retailers. Here are some of the benefits for merchants:


Every time a shopper Wants one of your products it's auto-posted to their Facebook Timeline, letting all of their friends know they Want something from your site. On average, every Wanted product shared to Facebook receives 97 impressions.


The Want action is more powerful and influential to a shopper's friends than Like (which has become diluted since its original launch), leading to higher click-through rates from Facebook. Want impressions have boosted the average retailer's Facebook referral traffic by over 200%.


Reach back out to Wanters through their Facebook Notifications. This brand new marketing channel has zero competition resulting in over 70% click-through rates. You can offer discounts, sale alerts, restock notices, product recommendations or any other content that will motivate shoppers to come back and buy.