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WebLink Connect™ is the industry's most configurable association management software that allows you to attract, acquire, engage and empower members all while helping your staff do more, faster.

Connect combines membership, event, financial, communications and website management into one seamless solution. Work more efficiently and provide greater benefits to your members — with WebLink Connect, empowerment is included.

From your members to the Board, effectively communicate with all your stakeholders on their terms. Real-time integration of your membership, financials, events, website and project management makes it easy to give them what they what when they want it.

With quick and easy mobile-friendly online registration and credit card payment at the door, you'll be able to focus on making memorable events. Gain insight and customize their experience with multiple pricing levels, discount and promo codes and custom fields.

Accepting on-site payments with direct posting into your General Ledger system makes it easier to grow your revenue. Member self-service options such as secure payment of invoices without the need to log in and flexible billing options give your members incentives to engage sooner rather than later.

No, it's not a paradox. With Connect's intuitive interface, your staff will love how easy it is to use. And with all your marketing and management functions in one place, they will love the time they save. And your members will surely appreciate the extra time you have to spend on them!

Consistent, reliable and measurable (CRM) growth is easy to demonstrate with WebLink Connect's EZ Insights. Get report snapshots in your inbox and watch as your integrated marketing and management solution turns your prospects into members and your members into promoters for you.

Want to join us? Go to http://www.weblinkinternational.com/software/ to find out how!

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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