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Send your products to Whiplash for storage and we'll ship your orders on demand. You can delegate warehousing and shipping worries once and for all so you have time to work on your business instead of in your business.

But let's face it, do you really want your orders to look like they came from some factory that doesn't have a clue what's in the box? Fortunately, that's where Whiplash shines. Once you send your products to us for storage, you've got the power of a modern warehouse at your fingertips, without compromising the look and feel of your brand.


  • Sync your Bigcommerce products to Whiplash automatically
  • Orders ship as they're placed
  • Push harder on sales without worrying about keeping up
  • Modify orders until the moment they've been shipped
  • Discounted shipping rates from UPS and USPS
  • Store and ship your products in the United States from anywhere in the world
  • Easy international shipping
  • Easy to setup, simple to use
  • Customize your order flow with rules
  • Handle product bundles easily
  • Starting at $2.95/order + materials and postage

Client Reviews (2)

Whiplash is a "no-brainer". There is NO downside. over 4 years ago by Chris Vail http://www.lewandhuey.com

When I started my watch brand, I figured I could manage fulfillment myself. I thought I could store a few hundred watches in the space under the stairs to my basement, and I'd have no problem shipping a handful of packages each day, doing my labels online, driving to the post office to drop them off, etc.

When we got the second model in, I turned around and realized I had over a hundred thousand dollars worth of watches in my house - what if there was a fire? I couldn't get any more insurance coverage. I had no problem mailing out 10 or 20 packages at a time, but doing one or two was a pain, and a waste of time. I was driving to the post office and standing in line when I should have been running my business.

I hesitated to outsource, though. I'm bootstrapping the business, and every dollar counts. Whiplash's monthly storage and pick-and-pack fee seemed reasonable enough. But then James told me about their shipping insurance rates. Unbelievably, their shipping insurance costs so much less than what I was paying to USPS that it offsets the pick-and-pack fees - BOOM - Whiplash just paid for itself.

Now Whiplash has my inventory, so I'm not worried about having everything in my house. When someone buys a watch, I don't have to drive to the post office. I can take a vacation, and my business keeps going. The monthly storage is dirt cheap, the postage and packaging is a pass-through, and the insurance savings offsets the pick-and-pack costs.

It's a true "no-brainer" solution.

Whiplash Rocks! by Jonathan Sharp
As my T-shirt company grew, I needed help with storage and order fulfillment so I decided to enlist the help of a fulfillment center. Unfortunately, I had to go through two companies before I found Whiplash. As a small business, the other companies barely gave me the time of day and when serious problems occurred, it took days just for them to return my calls. When all of your products are in a distribution center, perhaps thousands of miles away, you need to know that the company you are working with takes your business seriously; a business partner that will set your mind at ease. As they say, third time's a charm and I've been absolutely delighted with the service Whiplash has provided for my business. And now the kicker, their rates are better than my previous distribution centers and they ship much faster as well! I highly recommend Whiplash as a quality solution for your merchandising logistics. They've been totally responsive to all of my requests and questions; they've been attentive to minor technical glitches with my store integration (as in fixing those glitches in hours instead of days or weeks), and they've provided a seamless integration portal from my Big Commerce store to their warehouses and shipping. Orders come in, orders ship out, I count the money. That's the way it should be! Go Whiplash!