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Xero is the talent and technology behind online accounting software for small businesses. And once you seamlessly integrate BigCommerce + Xero, you can save time and focus more on what you love: your business.

That's because your dedicated Xero team quickly links to your BigCommerce account so you can enjoy secure and remote access, connect bank accounts, and automate key tasks – invoicing, expensing, reporting – to help you manage your business on your schedule. Xero's features include:

  • Instant data transfer. Sync your sales orders, and associated product, customer, tax, discount, refund, payment and shipping data to your Xero account.
  • Increased data accuracy. Say goodbye to manual data entry and reduce the chance for human error.
  • Faster payments. Send an invoice or quote from the client site right from your mobile device. Even automate reminders and accept online payment options.
  • App marketplace. Customize your Xero experience with over 600 apps, including popular solutions for point-of-sale, time tracking, ecommerce and more.
  • Xero Advisor Directory. Build your team: if you don't have an accountant, you can find one through the Xero Advisor Directory.

It's no wonder that over 1.2 million customers worldwide use Xero. Join the many online retailers that call Xero and BigCommerce home. Sign up at xero.com/bigcommerce/?xtid=bigcommerce with a Special Offer for BigCommerce clients or try it with a demo store.

Client Reviews (5)

Frusted with more changes and missing transations, now multiple transations! about 21 days ago by inf...com
We've had Xero for over a year now, went well sort of for a while till they now changed over to having full feeds of every transaction which means there are now pre debits, holds, releases etc.. instead of just the transaction final decision (credit or debit) this means there could be up to 5-8 transaction for one purchase! Now reconciling is a nightmare, we didn't even know it changed till we emailed them numerous times to get a response. very displease for having been a custoemr for so long. Attempted quick books online and its no better, there is less features and phone support is like trying to learn or understand it yourself. There has to be better support for this type of product.
Poor Integration 11 months ago by cohort
This Bigcommerce and Xero synchronization is absolute garbage! As with the vast majority t of Bigcommerce's integrations this one is only about 30% complete and is very flawed and simply lazy programming on the part of the development team(s) at Bigcommerce, Xero and OneSaas... Firstly, the tax class sync. between Bigcommerce and Xero do not become available to be mapped UNTIL there is a transaction/order utilizing each tax class which of course because the tax class has not been mapped causes the the transaction/order to fail sync until you go into the Bigcommers Xero App Sync settings and map the respective tax class only to repeat all over again the next time someone visits from a state/province with another tax tax class. Not acceptable workflow! Secondly, there is not an option to simply have products in Bigcommerce be created/updated and synced to Items in Xero automatically without the need for an actual transaction to move the individual product(s) into Xero? Because Bigcommerce spends so much time supporting new and useless channels rather than developing their exiting channels to the level they should be functionality wise and don't support Quotes I require the ability to create quotes in Xero but can't because Bigcommerce doesn't sync all the Products to Xero Items automatically like they do with Stripe POS. In short if you are looking for an e-commerce solution with a good Xero integration look elsewhere as THIS IS NOT IT. I will gladly give this integration a 4 or 5 star review when they address my and other peoples' identified concerns but this integration is garbage as it currently stands.
A Real Time Saver! about 1 year ago by ang....au http://www.naturallysafe.com.au/
I have no regrets whatsoever connecting my BigCommerce store to the Xero App (powered by One Saas). It has freed up a lot of time which would otherwise have been spent entering data (sales) into my accounting system. I am also able to track stock and sync stock levels effectively. The only reason I have not given a 5-star rating is because there have been stability issues in the few months I have been using the integration. This has led to loss of the connection between my store and Xero on occasion. To be fair, though, the OneSaas support staff are excellent and any issues are dealt with promptly and courteously. They are fantastic (especially Johnny - in Sydney I think?). The connection issues have been mainly due to temporary timeouts at BigCommerce and connectivity problems at Xero. OneSaas have always been able to fix things quickly and restore any missing data (sales). It is my understanding also that they have put in some additional fixes & improvements on the sync over time and the issues with connection have been far fewer recently. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend the Xero-BigCommerce integration to anyone looking to save time on their accounting work.
Help needed over 2 years ago by stu...com

Getting a continuous loading screen can never get to the page to configure

hoping i can set due date of invoices with this app like I can in Xero?

Easy and works AWESOME over 2 years ago by mic...com

Whoa. I used QuickBooks for 3 years. I am SO DONE. I switched to Xero when I found out they integrate really well with Square, my mobile credit card processor. With this integration, basically all of my data entry is automated and all my store sales are instantly taken care of in there too. I haven't whipped out a stopwatch, but I'd bet I spend less than 45 minutes on bookkeeping a month now down from hours and hours.