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About the app

About the app

Zoovu is a digital commerce search platform that merges context and meaning across channels to help brands and retailers have rich, personalized conversations with their customers.

Zoovu's proprietary AI naturally understands and speaks the customer's language by turning technical specs into an easy-to-understand conversation. Ultimately adapting to the customer's conversation style to help better engage, educate and empower them in making purchase decisions in the moments that matter. With Zoovu's world-class semantic library you can easily interpret the context and intent behind your customers' every search and always deliver in the moment.

Key highlights of the Zoovu platform:

  • A digital search platform for all your needs - Provide automated sales & customer support 24h, 365 days a year whether your customer is searching for a new product or looking for content & support for an existing purchase.
  • No code conversation builder - Create advanced AI driven conversational interfaces - no coding or developers required.
  • Semantics conversations - Deep learning and natural language technology combined with automatic semantic understanding to accurately understand your buyers context and needs.
  • Conversation types for your customers context - this includes text based, click based or even via a visual configurator.
  • Generate multi-channel conversations - use real-time product data to engage with consumers across chat, landing pages, email, social, voice, search bar and in ads.
  • Unlimited scalability - give the right response, every time across any language, channel or country. Zoovu's proprietary self-learning AI handles 1000's of user intent data so conversations are smart right from the start.
  • Powerful BI tool that helps understand shopper intent, behavior & product preferences.

Join brands like P&G, Whirlpool, Microsoft, and over 3000 other retailers and brands who have made Zoovu an integral part of their customer's buying journey.

As a complete, feature-packed, and easy to use digital commerce search platform, Zoovu provides you with everything you need to engage, educate and empower your buyers in making the right decisions faster - increasing long term revenue, reducing returns and boosting overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Take your search experience to the next level today.


Benefits for BigCommerce Merchants:

  • Boost Sales: Enhanced search is proven to boost conversions 4x because they make it easier for buyers to find what they're after.
  • Increase Media Spend Effectiveness: Maximize the effectiveness of site traffic from SEO, SEM, and paid activities by driving visitors to guided search experiences.
  • Increase Cart Size: Confident buyers spend more. Zoovu helps increase your AOV by 47%.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment & Ecommerce Returns: Guided search experiences offer the most streamlined path to purchase to reduce abandonment by 20% and ecommerce return rates by 33% as a result of increased purchase confidence.
  • Build a 360 customer view: With Zoovu you can gather key insights around product preferences, buyer behavior and personas to fuel other marketing efforts including email, Facebook, retargeting, and market research.

App Features

Contextually enriched conversations
  • Transform product specifications into understandable consumer friendly language to create engaging conversations.
  • Leverage Zoovu's world-class semantic library to interpret context intent behind your buyers every search in real-time.
  • Deliver contextual relevant conversations across Facebook Messenger, Visual configurators, product finders and within search bars.
Easy to use Intuitive conversational interface
  • No coding skills necessary - An intuitive interface that guides you step-by-step whether you're trying to enrich your product data or create advanced visual configurations.
  • 24/7 Support -with a global community and help available around the clock, you're in good hands.
  • 500+ pre-built templates to choose from - build and launch within hours. If that's not for you you can also create custom templates for your teams.
Expand and control your reach
  • Auto-translations - From regional differences to translating to another language, Zoovu helps you turn your assistants into any language in just a few clicks.
  • Control your brand vision and message - Ensure what you put out onto your digital channels is always validated and on brand with version control and user management.
  • Channel Partner distribution - Help your channel partners more effectively position and sell your products
Analyze behavior and preferences
  • Access product and pricing preferences such as which products are selling and why and help infer product strategy decisions.
  • Collect behavioral and buyer intent data through every conversation and enrich your other marketing activities.
  • With Zoovu's conversational insight data businesses are able to analyze what's working and isn't working to further optimize the conversation and increase performance.

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