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Simplify credit-based B2B sales with BigCommerce and Apruve

Improve cash flow and eliminate risk through an automated credit program built for B2B sellers.

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The BigCommerce and Apruve partnership brings B2B sellers a fully-automated credit program on an ecommerce platform that scales.

Payment within 24 hours

Sellers will be paid immediately by Apruve, while extending 30- or 60-day net terms to the customer.

Eliminate or reduce A/R overhead

Apruve handles all credit applications, invoicing, collections and customer payment. You can focus on your business, not how you're getting paid.

A single view of orders and payments

BigCommerce’s integration with Apruve allows you to view all orders, payments, and statuses, from one place - your BigCommerce control panel.

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Improve your B2B selling experience with a platform that integrates seamlessly with Apruve

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