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App Store Update: Loyalty programs, Facebook ads, mobile product management and more for your online store

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Our App Store has hundreds of industry-leading business integrations, and we’re adding new apps each week to help you sell more. Here are a few of our newest additions.

New Apps


S Loyalty (Loyalty Rewards)S Loyalty is a loyalty program that lets you use native Bigcommerce coupon codes to reward your customers and encourage them to come back and buy more. They’ll earn points with every purchase, then redeem customized rewards like store credits or coupon codes. The dashboard gives you easy access to key performance metrics, a customer activity feed and a list of top customers. Includes language support for English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Danish.
MentAd (Marketing)MentAd can increase your sales and help you reach new customers through Facebook advertising. It analyzes both your historic and real-time sales along with customer data from social networks to learn the makeup of your existing customers, then drives similar customers from Facebook to your store. The easy-to-use dashboard gives you insights on sales, customers and advertising at a glance, while analytics provide a deeper look at your best-performing products and who buys them.
Sales & Orders Ads (Marketing)With Sales & Orders Ads, you work with advertising experts to optimize your comparison shopping listings and product ad campaigns to make sure you’re spending money promoting only the products that really move the needle. Their insights will help you create more effective ads that increase your profitability.
ProductMachine (Mobile Management)This iPad app lets you quickly create products for your Bigcommerce store. You’ll take and upload photos right from your iPad, then enter in the basic product details. You can also delete products, edit basic info fields, set thumbnail images, filter product lists by keywords and more.
epicMobi (Mobile)Get a customized mobile version of your store that looks great and increases sales. After the design is done, you’ll be able to log in to make changes to your store and see your mobile analytics. Your mobile site is fast-loading and search engine optimized, plus easily integrates with services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter check-ins, Google Maps, and more.
Linnworks (Order Management)Linnworks automates the processes that power your business, allowing you to focus on selling. It lets you to consolidate orders from Bigcommerce, eBay and Amazon, handling everything from order management and stock control to shipping, listing and repricing. Bulk order processing and list creation help you quickly perform tasks that can sometimes take hours, while the shipping capabilities let you print invoices, labels and packing lists for all major carriers.
AutoResponderMax (Email Marketing)AutoResponderMax helps you connect with your customers by giving you access to seven highly effective autoresponder emails. You’ll get emails to thank customers for their first purchase, ask for a review on a purchased product, offer related products for cross-sell opportunities and more.
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