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Last week we started rolling BigCommerce 7.2 out to new stores, and it will start being rolled out to existing clients this week. It’s a huge release with some amazing new features and in this blog post I’ll run through the new features for you.


Since the day BigCommerce launched, it has had an API, however the functionality has been limited to XML based pull data requests. The headline feature for BigCommerce 7.2 is our amazing new RESTful API (see documentation) that accepts and returns data in XML or JSON. The new API is currently in beta (we’re accepting signups) and will be rolled out to everyone shortly.

So what made us release a RESTful API? Well, while we’re innovating fast, we fully acknowledge that we can’t innovate faster than tens of thousands of third party developers. Releasing our new RESTful API lets anyone build on top of BigCommerce and because of our large client base, we can help market those integrations to tens of thousands of merchants.

If you’re not familiar with an API then just know that it’s short for Application Programming Interface, which is a fancy way of saying you can retrieve and create/save data in your store (such as shipments, tracking numbers, orders, products, photos, etc) using code instead of your web browser. An API forms the foundation for integrations, building widgets and desktop/web/mobile applications on BigCommerce.

When our new RESTful API is out of beta we will be announcing an amazing opportunity for third party developers and integrators, so stay tuned for that. It will be BIG – pun intended.

SocialShop 2

F-Commerce, or Facebook Commerce is already here and we’ve completely rewritten our SocialShop application for BigCommerce 7.2. No longer can your fans just browse and share products on Facebook – they can now complete the entire browsing and buying process without ever leaving Facebook, thanks to SocialShop 2 – free with all BigCommerce plans!

BigCommerce is now the only e-commerce platform that lets you sell through your own online store, end-to-end on Facebook, via mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android), eBay and the most popular shopping comparison websites. SocialShop 2 and our new RESTful API are the final parts of our strategy to allow merchants like you to sell wherever your customers are. We don’t believe you should have to pull customers to your BigCommerce store, but rather we want to enable you with the tools to push your products out so you can get them in front of potential customers, wherever they happen to be online.

 Import/Export Custom URLs

In BigCommerce 7.1 we introduced custom URLs for products, categories, brands and web pages and to say they were a success is an understatement. In BigCommerce 7.2 we’ve added the ability to import and export custom URLs as part of a regular import or export – they’re available as an additional field in the CSV file making it easy to bulk add or update them as required.

Dozens of Improvements and Fixes

As well as the new features mentioned above, BigCommerce 7.2 includes dozens of small improvements and bug fixes.

How to Use BigCommerce 7.2

All new BigCommerce stores are running on BigCommerce 7.2. Just go to our home page and click the green button to create your store for free. Existing clients will have the BigCommerce 7.2 update rolled out to their stores over the next week or so.

What’s Next?

We’re already well into working on the next BigCommerce release which will contains some amazing innovative features built around our API and emerging technologies. It’s a little early to share details but more will be revealed as we get closer to the release date. For now, please enjoy the new features in BigCommerce 7.2 – I hope they help you increase your revenues, outsell your competitors and improve your business processes!

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