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The Bigcommerce Android app lets you manage your store on the go

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We have some exciting news for all of you Bigcommerce merchants out there who happen to be Android users: Now you too can manage your store no matter where you are with the new Bigcommerce Android app.

We’ve told you before that speed of service is the leading factor in determining great customer service. And that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than keep an existing one. While we released the Bigcommerce iPhone app last year to help you improve speed of service and customer satisfaction, we know that Android has a bigger market share worldwide.

The new Android app lets you use a phone or tablet to manage your store from wherever you are. You can use it at home, in the warehouse, when you’re kicking back on the beach or while hang-gliding in the Alps (warning: not advisable, but possible). Use the app to:

  • Get notifications when new orders arrive
  • Process an order once it comes in
  • See all of your order details at a glance
  • Update products, including title, price and images (you can even take a photo and upload it)
  • See how your store’s doing with current and historical analytics on visitors, orders and revenue
  • View customer data like order history and billing info, plus call or email customers directly from the app

The end result is that you no longer have to wait until you’re in front of a computer to manage your store, meaning you can ship orders faster. And when you ship orders quickly, you’re like an e-commerce hero to your customers. So download the Bigcommerce Android app today and be a hero!

Here are a couple of clients who dig the new app:

“Works fantastically. Very well designed and gives me insight into my store on the go.”

— Bill DAlessandro

“Yes! So glad u guys finally made this app.”

— Heather Gray

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  • wayne flores

    Great App.

  • Jenn Tice

    And once again, a functional part of Big Commerce disappears, but don’t worry.. there are two developers that have paid apps we can buy…. just like everything else. :(

  • tronixlabs

    Where is the app? We updated our phones and cannot install it – not in Google Play.

  • digpink

    Where did the app go? Its not in google play anymore.

  • Florin Demian

    I currently evaluate Bigcommerce. A mobile app is a decisional feature. Do you still provide a mobile android app?

  • What happened to the android app? The installed version stopped working and it’s not listed in the Google play store.

  • Jessica Malnik

    Awesome app!

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