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The one downside to ecommerce is an inability to actually hold, feel and tangibly inspect a product before you buy. This can often lead to customer dissatisfaction upon product delivery if product photos don’t properly communicate the product color, fabric, fit, etc.

A poor customer experience in this area is difficult to overcome. Your brand will lose consumer trust and loyalty –– replacing it with a negative online experience. Likely, this customer will take to social media to explain their frustrations –– and rightfully so. After all, when you spend money with a brand on a product, you expect to receive a very similar version of the image you saw online.

Of course, ensuring that the right color, fit and fabric is as obvious online as it might be in person is difficult. Whether you take your product images in direct sunlight or in a studio, the process by which you edit the images, the models you choose, the copywriting you do to explain the details –– all of these things can have a profound affect on the look, feel and perception of a an online product.

The following three Bigcommerce apps and integrations available in our marketplace, however, help to automate this aspect of ecommerce, increasing your business efficiency as well as your bottom line.

Pixc –– Automated Product Image Editing to Increase Ecommerce Efficiency

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 8.30.38 AM

Your team spends hours preparing your product photos to make them look right for your store. They line everything up, edit, remove the background and crop all images so they are consistent and shareable online. And, if you’re team isn’t doing this, your photographer is –– and you’ve likely spent a lot of money to get it right.

Pixc makes this a whole lot easier for you and your team. Pixc provides you with on demand product image editing so you can optimize your photos editing process, making them look clean and professional the first time around, increasing both business efficiency and conversion.

With the Pixc app you can upload your photos directly from your product image files, place an order and within 24 hours, they will be back in your account. You can click a button and all your old images will be replaced with your products on a white background.

Want to test it out? Install the app and we’ll get you 10 images edited free of charge.

Picreel –– Push the Right Content to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Increase conversion rates with extent intent marketing campaigns targeting your business’ most relevant messages to your already on-site audience. Using Picreel, whenever your website visitors click on a specific link or land on a specific page, they’ll get customized popup content encouraging them to further engage with your brand. You can offer deals, coupons, sales, blog content or just showcase a reminder of the countdown to the final shipping days for the holiday season.

Whatever is most relevant to your audience and will provide additional value, encouraging them to further engage with your brand via a social share, positive experience or sale.

In all, Picreel is a stack of three products.



Overlay enables you to show a customized and targeted pop-up to your website visitors. Overlays can be displayed when a visitor is about to leave your website after a designated amount of time or when a visitor scrolls through a web page. Capture a new lead, gain a sale or simply keep a visitor on your website longer with a pop-up that is customized according to your needs.


Survey allows you to acquire customer insights by placing a precisely targeted form that collects feedback from your website visitors. Picreel makes it possible to survey a specific group of visitors. Customize your design with different answer types, colors, calls-to-action forms and questions depending on your visitors’ responses.



ReelLinks makes it possible to display an overlay when your website visitor clicks on a link. Present a customizable design each time that allows visitors to subscribe, join your lists or navigate to another page.

Picreel offers a 30-day free trial through Bigcommerce and is typically $19.99 per month.

3D Visual Merchandiser –– Increase Conversion by 40% with 3D Product Images

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 8.31.05 AM

3D Visual Merchandiser is a next-generation merchandising display designed to increase engagement, build buying intent and drive traffic to product pages. Powered by Thereitis, the app works by displaying 2D product images straight from your Bigcommerce store within an intuitive 3D interface where online shoppers can spin, zoom, filter and click through to products that catch their eye.

Research shows that 75% of us never click past the first page of search results. Similarly, ecommerce sites see a rapid decrease in engagement beyond the first page of category results. 3D Visual Merchandiser solves this problem by offering a unique balance of usability and user experience. By showing more products in the active window, your merchandise is easier to find, while also providing a unique and interactive product discovery experience.

Higher visual engagement alone has been found to improve ecommerce sales by up to 9%. 3D Visual Merchandiser can help you get the most out of your product images by tapping into the visual way we shop.

Thereitis has been used successfully by many online retailers and has generated uplift in session duration by more than 50%, conversion by more than 40% and average order value by 25%.

Simply install the app on a 30-day free trial, choose the products you want to promote and your customers can start shopping in 3D within minutes. An intuitive wizard, currently exclusive to Bigcommerce, will guide you through the setup and offer a number of options for you to customize the look and feel of your display.

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